LSU A&M Faculty Council Meeting Details

Monday, May 24, 2021; 4:45 p.m.

Dear Faculty,

Over 125 faculty members have arranged for a meeting of the Faculty Council for Tuesday, May 25th at 1 p.m. Central Time in order to present a resolution asking LSU to require student vaccination for the fall 2021 semester and beyond. This is a virtual public meeting open to anyone who would like to attend.

Members of the LSU A&M Faculty Council may participate in the meeting and vote on motions under consideration. Per LSU bylaws, the Faculty Council is the primary representative body of the faculty, of which the Faculty Senate is a delegated body. A quorum of the LSU A&M Faculty Council is considered to be 25% of the eligible members. In order for any resolution to pass, a majority of the quorum must vote in favor.

Institutional Research conducts an annual report1 of eligible Faculty Council members. In the determination of faculty eligible for the Faculty Council, this report adheres to the definitions for membership as defined in the Bylaws and Regulations of the LSU Board of Supervisors. This definition stipulates that the Faculty Council consists of all full-time members of the LSU A&M academic staff having the rank of instructor or higher, or equivalent rank.  Additionally, full-time faculty (or equivalent ranks) of the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station and the Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service who are appointed to the Graduate Faculty of LSU A&M are also included as members of the Faculty Council of LSU A&M during their tenure of appointment to the Graduate Faculty.

Accordingly, the quorum for this meeting has been calculated as 431 members of the LSU A&M Faculty Council. A resolution can be adopted upon a majority of the quorum adopting it. For example, 216 favorable votes among a quorum of 431 council members could lead to the adoption of a resolution.

Votes will be publicly displayed during the meeting along with the voter’s full name and e-mail address. The preliminary results will be shared during the meeting. Certified votes of the LSU A&M Faculty Council will be distributed after the meeting has concluded, along with the official minutes of the meeting.

Faculty council members may click here to register, but registration is not required for this public meeting. The meeting details, including the Zoom link, agenda, and resolution may be found here. Individuals may log-in early to the meeting, but the meeting will not be officially called to order until 1 p.m. CST or shortly thereafter.

Members of the LSU A&M Faculty Council interested in voting are strongly encouraged to log-in to the Zoom meeting using their single-sign-on myLSU credentials or account associated with their LSU e-mail address. The first name and last name of the Faculty Council member must be properly displayed in Zoom in order to accurately certify votes. Individuals that call-in to the meeting (audio only) will not be able to vote. Only individuals logged in through the Zoom desktop or mobile application will be able to vote in Zoom.

The Zoom poll will remain open for 5 minutes for each vote that is called. Additional time may be added to the duration of the poll if needed.

Please note that the tally for the quorum will happen each time a vote is called. Individuals who would like to register for public comments should e-mail at least one hour prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Chair: Thomas C. Galligan, Jr., LSU President

Parliamentarian: Kevin Cope, Robert and Rita Wetta Adams Professor of English

Secretary: Meredith Veldman, Associate Professor, History


1 This tabulation is based on full-time faculty members on the University payroll as of the February 28, 2021 (spring census) and the Graduate Faculty Database snapshot as of March 19, 2021. Faculty identified as "visiting faculty" and graduate faculty charged 100 percent to the Pennington Biomedical Research Center are not included in the Faculty Council tabulation. The Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices (CAMD) faculty are excluded as previously requested by memorandum dated August 28, 1995 from Dr. John Scott to Faculty Senate President George Strain. Adjunct instructors whose primary duties are full-time to administration outside of academic units and visiting faculty are also excluded. Lab School instructors and librarians with equivalent faculty rank are included in the counts. Tenure eligible faculty in units outside of the academic colleges (e.g. Academic Affairs, LSU Center for Computation and Technology) have been included if an academic home department can be determined for them. This is determined by the faculty member’s tenure department and/or department of course rubric for sections taught in the appropriate semester.