Prevention Resources

Report security lighting concerns to Facility Services Work Control at 225-578-3186 or at

The LSU campus embraces closed circuit security monitoring and numerous security cameras are currently in use throughout campus.  Should you have questions regarding the security camera initiative please contact LSU PD.

Personal Safety

  • Be aware, be alert;
  • Lock your doors at all times;
  • Never let unauthorized persons come into your room, enter residence halls, or enter apartment security doors;
  • Never prop open inside or outside doors;
  • Close blinds or curtains after dark;
  • Report suspicious activity to LSU Police immediately.
  • For more detailed personal safety tips please visit the National Crime Prevention Council.

Alcohol and Drug Safety

  • Take care of yourself.
  • Be aware that alcohol and drugs compromise your awareness and increase the opportunity for victimization.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Designate a non-drinking driver who is responsible.
  • Don’t share prescription medication.

Know What to Do in an Alcohol Emergency

  • Drinking too much alcohol can result in serious complications. Do not allow someone to “sleep it off”.
  • If vomiting occurs and the person is unconscious, put them on his / her side to prevent choking.
  • Call 911, and seek medical attention immediately; Stay with the person until help arrives.

Property Crime

Property crime is the most prevalent crime on campus. Value your valuables by practicing these great tips:

  • Lock your doors at all times;
  • Never leave your property unattended;
  • Record and store serial numbers of personal electronics (i.e. mobile phones, mp3 players, laptop computers, etc.).  Use this personal property inventory list form to assist you.
  • Use hardened alloy bicycle locks (aka U style locks), not chain or cable locks.  Secure the bicycle frame, not just a wheel. View information on how to properly lock your bicycle.  A Parish (County) ordinance requires all bicycles to be registered with Baton Rouge City Police. LSU PD has partnered with Baton Rouge City Police to provide on-campus registrations.  See Police Services for more information.
  • Invest in commercially available laptop tracking software.  Some great examples can be found at:
  • For iPhone 4, iPad, or 4th generation iPod touch (iOS 4.2 required), please consider taking advantage of Apple Inc.’s free “find my iPhone” application. Help us stop iCrime by never leaving your personal electronic devices unattended.

Individuals should not attempt to recover stolen property. Report stolen property to police for action. 

Bicycle/Pedestrian/Moped Safety

On-campus conflict between pedestrians, bicycles, motor cycles and motor vehicles is a concern for everyone. With increasing frequency, these conflicts result in crashes causing injury and property damage. Safety is the responsibility of us all.

In Louisiana, bicycles are required to follow the rules of the road the same as cars. Adhering to one-way streets, stop signs, riding on the right side of the road, not riding in crosswalks and yielding to pedestrians are some of the requirements for bicycle operators.

Pedestrians are vulnerable to motorists and bicyclists. Though crosswalks offer unique warnings for these modes of travel, be mindful of your individual safety.  Never walk into the path of a moving vehicle. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free Tiger Trails Service and Campus Transit. For more information visit the LSU Office of Parking, Traffic and Transportation.

Louisiana law defines a motorized bicycle or moped as a cycle with a motor rated no more than 1.5 brake horsepower, a cylinder capacity of no more than 50 cubic centimeters, and an automatic transmission that produces no more than 25 mph on a flat surface.  Louisiana law also requires that motorists operating mopeds adhere to all traffic laws and regulatory statutes regarding obtaining a driver’s motorcycle endorsement, use of a proper helmet, maintaining proper insurance and registration, just to name a few. Mopeds shall not be operated on any sidewalk. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact LSU PD.

Faculty and Staff Resources

LSU PD works closely with our campus partners to ensure direct involvement with resources and communication. 

LSU PD actively participates as a member of the University C.A.R.E. Team, Communicate. Assess. Refer. Educate. This group, comprised of representatives from LSU PD, LSU Residential Life, the LSU Student Health Center and the LSU Office of the Dean of Students meets weekly and coordinates the identification of student, faculty and staff needs and ensures communication, assessment, referral and education are promptly addressed and managed.  For more information contact C.A.R.E.

The LSU Student Health Center, Office of Health Promotion, would like to collaborate with all faculty and staff to ensure that the physical, emotional, and mental needs of students are met in a caring and professional manner. Visit the LSU Student Health Center for more information.