Parking & Transportation Updates

Parking & Transportation Updates

Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 4:00 p.m. 


Over the next week, several lots will be closed temporarily for re-striping, weather permitting. Below are the list of tentative dates and lots impacted:


6/21 - West Pleasant Hall C-Lot and Infirmary Road - Alternative parking for those assigned to the West Pleasant Hall C-Lot will be the Welcome Center Visitor Lot and the Visitor Lot on Tower Drive next to the Chancellor's Office.


6/24 - Peabody Hall C-Lot and Cypress Drive B Parking Spaces - Alternative parking for those assigned to the Peabody Hall C-Lot will be the Indian Mounds C-Lot.


6/25 - Welcome Center Lot and Chancellor Lot - Alternate parking for visitors requiring a metered space will be the Union Square Garage.


6/26 - Indian Mounds C-Lot - Alternate parking will be the Quad West C-Lot, Powerhouse Lane, and the PMAC Lot.


6/27 - Quad West C-Lot - Alternate parking will be in the Indian Mounds C-Lot.


6/28 - Dalrymple Lot and Electrical Engineering B-Lot - Alternate parking for the Dalrymple C-Lot will be the Geology C-Lot and the Human Ecology C-Lot.


Alternate B parking can be found in any other B lot in the area. Reference the campus map on LSU's main website to locate the additional B zones. All areas will reopen as soon as the work is completed.


If there are any questions, please contact the Parking office at 225-578-5000.