Cost Sharing Information

LSU's policy on cost sharing and matching on sponsored projects is FASOP AS-06.

The Office of Research & Economic Development has developed a standardized form, Request for Approval of Cost Sharing or Indirect Cost Waiver, to request approval for Cost Sharing.  This form and guidance on submitting this form can also be found on the ORED website under the Compliance section.

Required Committed Cost Sharing

Some funding programs require proposals to include a commitment from the proposing institution in the form of required committed cost sharing. When this is the case, the Office of Research & Economic Development can be consulted to determine if cost sharing resources are available. The following guidelines should be followed when developing a plan to fulfill the required cost sharing element of a program submission:

  • Proposers should consult with ORED as far before the submission deadline as possible on potential contributions to the cost sharing plan.
  • Proposers should make every effort to secure commitments from their units and colleges to contribute to the cost sharing plan prior to coordinating with ORED.
  • In the event of multiple submissions from LSU to a program with required committed cost sharing stipulations, resource commitments from ORED will be made on a first come, first served basis due to the limited resources available for such programs. Hence, establishing dialogue on this matter as early as possible is essential.