Award Routing Process

Here is an overview of the award routing process:

  1. When awarded, any awards and modification approvals received directly by the PI from Sponsor need to be emailed to OSP will log the document(s) in GeauxGrants to kick off the route for electronic reviews and approvals.
  2. OSP negotiates award terms and conditions
  3. OSP accepts award
  4. OSP sends award to Sponsored Program Accounting for account set-up and processing

Award Routing Process

When award is received, the PI should:

  • Review the award
  • Attach a copy of the complete proposal submitted to the sponsor
  • Attach a revised budget/scope if applicable
  • Provide any objections to award terms
  • Approve via the Things to Do in GeauxGrants

OSP will coordinate with the PI and contact the Sponsor to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement between the funding organization and the University. All special approvals are required before OSP will accept an award (i.e. IACUC, IRB, etc.)