Award Routing Process

Here is an overview of the award routing process:

  1. When awarded, PI completes OSP-1 and sends to OSP
  2. OSP negotiates award terms and conditions
  3. OSP accepts award
  4. OSP sends award to Sponsored Program Accounting for account set-up and processing

routing process, description above

When award is received, the PI should:

  • Review the award
  • Attach an OSP-1
  • Attach a copy of the complete proposal submitted to the sponsor
  • Attach a revised budget/scope if applicable
  • Provide any objections to award terms

Awards are routed hard copy or via email (, not through SPS. OSP will coordinate with the PI and contact the Sponsor to negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement between the funding organization and the University. All special approvals are required before OSP will accept an award (i.e. IACUC, IRB, etc.)