Award Forms

Form Description
OSP-1 Award Approval Form: Complete this form to indicate PI's review and approval of new awards and amendments.
OSP-2 Request to Modify Existing Award: (Sponsor Approval Needed and Internal Prior Approval)- Complete this form to request approval to modify an existing award.
OSP-3 Request to Draft Subaward: Complete this form to initiate a subaward.
OSP-4 Request to Amend Subaward: Complete this form to initiate a subaward amendment.
Change of PI/Co-PI Addendum Complete this form along with the OSP-2 form for a change in PI or Co-PI request.
Tentative Account Request (AS494) Complete this form and send/email a copy back to our office so we can review, approve, and process over to SPA to set up a tentative account number for an agreement which is not yet fully executed.
LSU Significant Financial Disclosure Form A completed Significant Financial Interests Disclosure Form must be submitted to OSP for each affected individual as required by PS-98.


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