Call for Abstracts

LS-PAC MODELS Conference

Call for Student Abstracts

The 2021 LS-PAC MODELS Diversity in STEM Conference will take place virtually on July 22 and 23, 2021.

The conference will provide a forum for both undergraduate and graduate students to present their STEM research, meet peers who have related interests, and introduce themselves to STEM professionals.  

Undergraduate and graduate student presentations should focus on students' area of STEM research in one of the fields listed on the NSF Classification of Instructional Programs.  Examples of STEM areas include: Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Resources and Conservation, and Physical Sciences (including Chemistry and Physics).

Students should use the submission form below to submit a 300-word abstract (not including the presentation title or author names) describing their presentation.  Non-student advisors or collaborators should be acknowledged as coauthors in the co-authors section of the abstract submission form. In addition, students will be asked to provide their research supervisor’s name and email address to confirm their permission to present the research.

Abstract Review Timeline and Deadlines

Abstracts are due by Thursday, July 1, 2021 by 5:00 PM Central Time.   
Student presenters will be notified of acceptance by July 6th via email. 

Types of Sessions 

Student Oral Presentations: Undergraduate and graduate students will develop a presentation focused on their STEM research.  Details about the length and format of the presentation will be provided when students are notified of acceptance.

Student Poster Presentations (Undergraduate Students Only): Undergraduate students will develop a poster summarizing their research and present to conference attendees as they visit the virtual poster session booths.  Given that this year’s conference will be virtual, there are no regulations on poster size, as long as it is able to be easily shared on a computer screen.   

NOTE: For both oral and poster presentations, there should be only one presenter per presentation (i.e., no group presentations).   

Abstract Guidelines 

  • Do not include the title of the presentation in the abstract content field (there is a separate form field for the presentation title).
  • Be sure to proofread content carefully, including any specialized scientific terminology.   
  • Be sure to mention why the research is important to the field, what questions it answers, and/or what problem(s) it is intended to solve.   
  • Describe your project using the scientific method. Describe the hypothesis for the work and the procedures used to carry out the research (including specific tests, measurement techniques, and data analysis procedures).  If results are available at the time of abstract submission, describe the major findings of the research, what the results mean for the field, and how they provide insight into the major research questions stated in the introduction.

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