Course Design

The course proposal form contains seven main sections: 1) course information, 2) ILC proficiency, 3) assignment and assessment process for the primary ILC proficiency, 4) ILC secondary and tertiary proficiencies (optional), 5) syllabus, 6) signature page, and 7) supporting documents (optional). Before submitting a course proposal, please review the required course criteria below. At a minimum the sample syllabus must include a statement declaring that this course is an ILC course in the chosen BOR Area and that, as such, material in the course addresses students’ achievement of (list selected proficiency or proficiencies).

Course Criteria

  1. courses listed as 3000 or 4000 level courses will not be approved for ILC credit;
  2. courses may have no more than one pre-requisite, and that course must be an approved ILC course;
  3. courses cannot limit enrollment to students in a specific major or in a cohort – must be open to all students;
  4. courses must be offered at least once a year;
  5. for cross-listed courses, departments involved consult and submit one course application;
  6. for sequenced courses, course proposals must be submitted at the same time;
  7. courses can only be listed in one Louisiana BOR area (Honors seminar courses are exempt);
  8. responsibility of the Honors college to ensure seminar courses approved for ILC are not identical to ILC courses taught in the home academic department under other course numbers;
  9. courses include integrative learning pedagogies and assignment(s);
  10. courses identify the primary ILC proficiency;
  11. the primary ILC proficiency must be reflected in at least 20% of course content, and assignments used to assess the course proficiency must account for at least 20% of course grade;
  12. courses acknowledge an understanding that the proficiency and dimensions will be assessed each time the course is taught by submitting a data collection form; and
  13. previously approved general education courses or new course listings must submit the ILC Course Proposal Form.

Syllabus Elements

The Courses and Curricula Committee recommends the following elements to be listed in each syllabus. The below elements are being shared to help ILC course proposers ensure their syllabi are in compliance. This is merely a guide and is not required for the sample syllabus evaluated by the ILC Committee. At a minimum the sample syllabus must include the required ILC components; they are marked with ‘*required’.

  1. The course title, rubric and course number, description as it will appear in the catalog.
  2. Faculty contact information including the physical location of the office, phone number, and email address.
  3. A listing of office hours.
  4. Grading Scheme:
    • A listing of the point values that will be assigned to all course activities from which the grade will be determined.
    • A list that shows how the total points earned in the course will be mapped into the LSU plus/minus grade scheme.
    • A description of all course activities from which the student grades will be determined; clearly showing how the assignment(s) used to assess the primary proficiency accounts for at least 20% of the course content and at least 20% of the course grade (*required).
    • For projects, reports, field trips, and participation activities, specify all activities students will be expected to perform and how the grade will be determined.
    • Attendance grades must specify how the grade will be calculated and what accommodations will be given for excused absences.
    • A description of how accommodations for excused absences will be handled. Please refer to PS-22.
  5. Title of text, laboratory manual, or other course materials, including a list of principal reference readings.
  6. A 15-week outline of course subject matter including the approximate exam schedule and deadlines for the submission of student work.
  7.  A statement and reference link to the Student Code of Conduct.  
  8. A statement and reference link to the faculty expectations of student effort as specified in the LSU credit hour definition in Policy Statement 45: Courses & Curricula.
  9. A statement and reference link regarding accommodations for disabilities as specified in Policy Statement 26.
  10. Include the following statement (*required):
    • Integrated learning allows students to make simple connections among ideas and experiences and across disciplines and perspectives. The LSU Integrative Learning Core (ILC) curriculum is designed to develop student abilities to transfer their learning to new situations and demonstrate a sense of self as a learner. A fundamental goal of the ILC is to foster students' practical and intellectual capacities associated with integrative learning in preparation for high competence and functionality in their post-baccalaureate careers. This course fulfills the BoR Area of ________ and provides students experience with the ILC proficiency of ________.
  11. A C-I Certification Syllabus Statement, if applicable. 
  12. A statement regarding academic achievement as shown in the example syllabus via the Center for Academic Success.   

Examples of Completed Course Proposals

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ENVS 1127 Course Proposal

HNRS 1035


AAAS 2000: Introduction to African and African American Studies

Social/Behavioral Learning

SOCL 2010: Louisiana in a Global Context

Analytical Reasoning

MATH 2021: College Algebra - contact Tori Clement for an example.

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