Course Proposal Form

The course proposal form must be completed via Qualtrics. Before completing the proposal, it is important to review the ILC website, which provides directions, forms, rubrics, definitions, descriptions, and guiding questions. The proposal requires specific information and decisions that should be made well in advance of starting this process. Course proposals that are incomplete will not be reviewed; majority of fields are required, including the syllabus and signature page

A Word version of the Example of a Course Proposal Form, the ILC Course Proposal Directions, and required Signature Page are available for review prior to submission. To submit a course proposal, please submit your requests via the following Qualtrics links:

honors college course proposal form (hnrs only)

course proposal form (all other, non-hNrs)

Tips for Submitting the Course Proposal Form in Qualtrics

  • Back Button. With a back button, respondents can return to pages they have already visited in their course proposal and update their response.
  • Save and Continue. With Save and Continue, respondents can leave the course proposal form and then re-enter where they left off when they click on the link again.
    • Because Save and Continue uses cookies to save a respondent’s progress, it will only work as long as your respondent returns to the form on the same internet browser on the same computer to finish the form.
    • Respondents have one month to return to the course proposal form and finish their response. After a month, their response will be recorded as-is.
    • If respondent deletes or their computer is setup to autodelete their cookies/browsing history, the course proposal form will not save.  Some browsers have a setting to clear all browsing history upon exit. If respondents have selected this particular setting in their browser, entered responses will not be saved.
  • Progress Bar. The Progress Bar will fill up as the percentage of the survey completed increases. 
  • Course Proposal Language. Language is English.
  • Open Access. Anyone with the link can complete the ILC course proposal form.
  • Course Proposal Expiration. The form will not expire.
  • Partial Completion. The form will record all in progress responses 1 month after the respondent’s last activity. Please note, the recipient cannot continue completing the form once their data is recorded or deleted.  They will have to start over from the beginning.
  • Retake Option.
    • Response: The edited response replaces the original response.
    • Retake as New Response: The edited response is saved in addition to the original response.
    • In both cases, the link starts the survey at the beginning but the respondent’s original answers are prepopulated (and any questions you didn’t answer will be blank). You can leave these answers as they are or make changes as you progress through the survey.
    • In order to retake the Qualtrics course proposal form, you will need to email

Suggestions For A Better Experience

  • Review the toolkit before clicking the course proposal link to enter information.
  • To ensure information is saved, we encourage you to type your narrative in word format and then cut and paste into the Qualtrics form. 
  • Remember, you must log back into the same computer to complete the form.
  • If you have questions, contact Tori Clement, Assessment Coordinator, Office Institutional Effectiveness at 225-578-4935.

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Dr. Tara Rose
Director of Assessment

email Tara

Tori Clement
Assessment Coordinator

email tori