Faculty Senate ILC Committee

In January 2019, the Integrative Learning Core was launched. The current general education program at LSU will be phased out, with full ILC implementation beginning in August 2022. The fundamental idea of the LSU Integrative Learning Core is that the student develops across the undergraduate curriculum the practical and intellectual capacities associated with integrative learning in preparation for high competence and functionality in post-baccalaureate contexts. 


The charge of the Faculty Senate General Education Committee is to interpret and clarify the goals of general education; to coordinate with the Office of Academic Affairs the establishment of instruments for judging the quality and effectiveness of general education requirements; and to review proposed additions and/or alternations of courses from the general education requirements.  Once approved, the Faculty Senate General Education Committee will be renamed to the Faculty Senate Integrative Learning Core Committee.

Assessment Oversight

ILC assessment activities are overseen by the Faculty Senate ILC Committee with support from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.  For questions regarding the ILC Assessment Plan please email gened@lsu.edu.

Committee Membership

The FSILC Committee* is composed of experienced faculty, one from each college granting undergraduate degrees; one upper division undergraduate student; Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (or designee), ex officio; Director of Assessment, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, ex officio; the University Registrar (or designee), ex officio; and Chair of the Courses and Curricula Committee, ex officio. 

William Kelso, Agriculture (Co-Chair)

John Scalzo, Engineering (Co-Chair)

Erin Coyle, Mass Communication

Robert Hogan, Humanities & Social Sciences

Elecia Lathon, Human Sciences & Education

James Ottea, Agriculture

Vince Wilson, Coast & Environment

Vacant, Art & Design

Vacant, Business

Vacant, Honors

Justin West, Music & Dramatic Arts

Vacant, Science

Vacant, Student Representative

Ex officio Members

Clay Benton, University Registrar

Matthew Lee, Academic Affairs

Tara Rose, Institutional Effectiveness

 *Previously referred to as Faculty Senate Committee on General Education