Methods & Measures

The assessment process for ILC will include a course-specific assessment procedure that requires all instructors for a given ILC course to collect and analyze data on the primary proficiency and corresponding dimensions chosen for the course.  

  • Each course proposing to be designated as an ILC course will identify the direct measure and assignment(s) used to assess each dimension chosen of the aligned primary proficiency. The measure chosen must be the same across all sections.
  • Direct measures options include: artistic performance, essay, lab report, multiple choice, presentation, reflection paper, short answer, or other.  If choosing a multiple-choice exam, at least 5 questions per dimension is required, a minimum of 15 questions. If other, a description and rationale of the measure must be provided and approved during the course proposal process.
  • Note that departments need only assess a majority of sections annually for each course.  However, it is important that these sections be as representative as possible of all sections of the course, including those taught in the summer or intersession terms.

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