Student Learning

LSU requires each degree program and stand-alone certificate program to establish measurable student learning outcomes; to assess student achievement of those learning outcomes on an ongoing basis; and to use the results of the assessment to seek improvements in teaching and learning. Accordingly, the university requires each program to submit, through Taskstream by Watermark, an annual Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Report (SLAR).

The annual SLAR should address the following topics:

  • Describe the student learning outcomes assessed during that specific cycle.
  • Discuss the direct and indirect assessment methods or measures used to measure student achievement of learning outcomes. Direct measures are those that require students to demonstrate their knowledge and skills relative to the expected learning outcome(s). Indirect measures are those that ask students to reflect on their learning; they help substantiate/imply learning. Multiple measures per outcome are desirable and the university requires, at a minimum, at least one direct measure per outcome.
  • A discussion of the findings of your assessment activities. Keep in mind that assessment findings are reported per measure. Indicate the extent to which targets were achieved, the strengths revealed, and more importantly, opportunities for improvement (Findings & Analysis). 
  • Discuss how you will use assessment findings to seek improvements in teaching and learning. Describe the specific actions to be taken, in response to assessment findings, to improve student achievement of articulated learning outcomes.

Beginning Fall 2018, the Office of Institutional Effectiveness will work collaboratively with the Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC), a faculty-driven committee, to provide feedback to programs relating to the quality of the evidence of student learning collected and subsequent use of findings to seek improvements. 

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