Student Learning Assessment Reporting (SLAR) Process

Student Learning Assessment Reporting (SLAR) Process

  • Due May 31: Target completion date for degree program SLOs, Assessment Methodology, and Findings components of the SLAR in Taskstream; this includes the uploading of data collection/files generated from assessment for fall and spring semesters.
  • Due September 30: Finalize the SLAR by completing the Analysis (Interpretation) and Action Plan (Use of Findings for Improvement) components.  This is the final date to have all reporting requirements completed in Taskstream (Program Mission, SLOs, Assessment Methodology, Findings & Analysis, and Action Plan).
  • November 15: Submit a student learning Program Impact Report (PIR) covering three years’ worth of SLAR Information. Upcoming: 2019 PIR will cover SLAR cycles from 16-17, 17-18, and 18-19.
  • November/MarchOccurring every November and March the University Assessment Review Council will review selected SLARs and provide feedback to programs.

Please note the following changes to the SLAR Assessment Process for 2018-2019 and future cycles:

  • Follow-up component is now optional
  • Deans authentication is no longer required
  • Added the Program Impact Report (PIR)


Student Learning Program Impact Report (PIR)