University Review & Assessment Council

The University Review and Assessment Council provides oversight and coordination for program review and assessment activities within the university. Specifically, URAC is responsible for the following:

  1. determining the method and cycle for program reviews of academic departments;
  2. providing oversight and evaluation of the program-level assessments of student-learning outcomes; and
  3. defining the appropriate methods of review for the support areas.

URAC members serve three-year terms of appointment, with approximately one-third rotating off each year. Terms end at the start of fall semester each year.  

Representatives from Colleges/Academic Units
Agriculture Richard Cooper (2021)
Art & Design Lake Douglas (2021)
Business Jianan Wu (2019)
Coast & Environment John White (2020)
Engineering Greg Griffin (2019)
Human Sciences & Education Jackie Bach (2020)
Humanities & Social Sciences Robert Hogan (2021)
Law Center Missy Lonegrass (2019)
LSU Libraries Lois Kuyper-Rushing (2020)
Mass Communication Andrea Miller (2021)
Music & Dramatic Arts Jim Murphy (2021)
Science Milen Yakimov (2019)
Veterinary Medicine Rhonda Cardin (2021)


Representatives from Support Divisions/Units
Academic Affairs Clay Benton (2020)
Athletics TBD (2021)
Finance & Administrative Services Bernie Braun (2020)
LSU Online TBD (2021)
Research & Economic Development Stephen Beck (2019)
Strategic Communications TBD (2021)
Student Life Laurie Braden (2019)


Ex officio Members

Sandi Gillilan, Associate Vice Provost for  Institutional Effectiveness

Stephenie Franks, Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness

Josiah Nyangau, Assistant Director of Assessment

Tara Rose, Director of Assessment



Stephenie Franks
Assistant Director for Institutional Effectiveness
  email stephenie