LSUalert System Frequently Asked Questions

LSUalert System

The LSUalert System is the emergency notification system utilized by LSU to notify the campus community in a timely manner about serious emergencies, ongoing threats, or disruptions to normal campus operations. All students, faculty, and staff are registered to receive emails through the LSUalert System. To receive LSUalerts via text message, visit the LSUalerts page for instructions. 

In order to reach as many members of the LSU campus community as possible, LSUalerts may be sent using multiple forms of communication. The primary forms of communication are:

  • LSUalert text messages
  • LSUalert emails
  • Alertus desktop notifications
  • LSU website (
  • LSU Mobile App
  • LSU Official Social Media

To receive LSUalert text messages, Students, faculty, and staff must register through myLSU. See section “LSUalert Text Messaging” below for information on how to register. In order to receive LSUalerts on the LSU Mobile App, download the LSU Mobile App on your device, and enable notifications. LSUalert emails, Alertus desktop notification, the LSU website, and LSU official social media do not require registration.

LSUalerts are sent when there is a threat to the health, safety, or property of the LSU campus community. Messages may include initial notifications, updated information, and return to operations.

Parents or guardians may receive LSUalerts by using the LSU Mobile App, monitoring the LSU website, and by following LSU official social media. LSUalert text messages are reserved for LSU students, faculty, and staff.

LSUalert Text Messaging

To subscribe for LSUalerts, follow these steps:

  • Login to myLSU
  • Select “Campus Community”
  • Select “Emergency Text Message”
  • Enter your cellular service providers and cell phone number

No. There is no cost to register to receive LSUalerts. However, normal text messaging rates from your wireless provider may be charged.

The LSUalert service sends messages to any mobile device that can receive text messages, such as mobile phones, smartphones, text pagers, and tablets. LSUalerts are automatically sent to students, faculty, and staff email accounts regardless of whether they are registered to receive text messages.

The LSUalert text messaging service can distribute text messages to all registered devices in less than five minutes. However, wireless providers may not be able to deliver messages to individual devices at the same pace.

No. The LSUalert System is not used to deliver any kind of advertising content. Mobile number will never be given out to any third party.

LSUalert text messages are only one form of communication that LSU uses to communicate with the campus community during an emergency. LSU often uses multiple forms of communication to reach as many campus community members as possible during an emergency. You can also monitor, your LSU email account, and LSU official social media for emergency notifications.

To update your contact information, follow these steps:

  • Login to myLSU
  • Select “Campus Community”
  • Select “Emergency Text Messages”
  • Select “edit” on the right-hand side of the page under “My Emergency Text Messaging”
  • Update your mobile device phone number
  • Select “Submit”

 To unsubscribe from LSUalert text messages, follow these steps:

  • Login to myLSU
  • Select “Campus Community”
  • Select “Emergency Text Messages”
  • Select “edit” on the right-hand side of the page under “My Emergency Text Messaging”
  • Select “Unsubscribe”

*LSU strongly suggests that all students, faculty, and staff subscribe to LSUalert text messages.

There are two common problems associated with being subscribed to the LSUalert text messages but not receiving them.

The first problem occurs within the myLSU registration. Please follow the directions of how to update your mobile device phone number to check your contact phone number and update any outdated information.

The most common issue for not receiving LSUalert text messages is when a wireless provider incorrectly treats a LSUalert as a premium message. To correct this problem, contact your provider and inform them that you are unable to receive the University’s emergency text messages and that you have confirmed that you are signed up correctly.

The LSU network works best when using the internet browsers Chrome or Firefox. Try accessing the “Emergency Text Messages” using one of those browsers. If you continue to receive an error message, contact the LSU ITS Service Desk by phone at 225-578-3375 or by email at

LSUalert Email

No. All LSU students, faculty, and staff receive LSUalert emails.

In order to reach as many campus community members as possible during an emergency, LSU uses multiple methods of communication, this includes both LSUalert text messages and emails.

Make sure your LSU email account recognizes LSUalerts as a legitimate email. If an alert goes to your junk email, right click on the email in the junk folder, select “junk”, then select “mark as Not Junk”.

Alertus Desktop Notifications

Depending on the nature of the emergency or event, LSU may also send the same language that was sent via emergency text message to on-campus computers that are hard-wired to the LSU network. Those computers must contain the necessary software required to receive the messages.

The emergency notification will show up on the computer’s screen and will require the user to acknowledge the information by clicking a button in order to return to the screen on which they were working.

The software is available to departmental IT administrators to install and configure. Departmental IT administrators can contact the LSU Information Security team at to request a copy of the software. Once the security team provides the software and registers a department, the security team will contact the departmental administrator when new versions are released.

More About Emergency Communications

When you receive a LSUalert, use the information in the message to make an immediate decision about your safety. Follow any directions that are given in the message. Monitor your LSU email, the LSU website, and LSU official social media for additional information.

The University will use the LSUalert System to notify the campus community when the immediate threat has passed or that the campus community can return to operations.

For additional information or questions, please contact the LSU Office of Emergency Preparedness at