LSU Alumna Turns Passion Into Career

LSU in NYC: Ashley Wilking


BATON ROUGE - 2011 LSU graduate Ashley Wilking always knew she was destined for big things, moving to the Big Apple shortly after graduating.

“I studied organizational and workforce development and to me it was such a niche degree that not a lot of colleges offered and the whole idea was that you worked within the HR realm but it was bettering people,” Wilking said.

Even while working in the corporate world, she focused on helping others, too.

“When I was working full time, I started as a fitness instructor just on the side for fun and when I started my social media it was just a place for me to say I want to eventually help people,” she said.

She said her LSU degree helped her to create her dream job.

“The best thing they always taught us was it doesn’t matter what your degree is, figure out how you can utilize the skills you learned and put them into what you want to do. So, whether you completely change career paths once you started searching for jobs you can always still use a lot of those skills, both from classes and being involved,” said Wilking.

Today, Wilking is a Nike Master Trainer and a full-time fitness instructor at Rumble Boxing, and her social media accounts draw thousands of followers.

“It allows me to reach a broader market, so right now I just might be in New York City, I’ll soon be teaching in LA or San Francisco, but I have people that have traveled from Israel to take my class.”

While a student at LSU, she shared her love for the university with prospective Tigers.

“I was an LSU liason, so I worked in admissions and I did campus tours because I loved it that much. I wanted everyone to understand what they could get out of LSU. I was also big time involved with LSU Ambassadors. Probably my most prized time was when I worked two summer orientations. I helped two big classes of LSU students come in and get acclimated with the university and figure out what they wanted to major in and figure out what classes they wanted to do,” she said.

Growing up in LaPlace, La., less than 60 miles from Baton Rouge, Wilking said she always wanted to attend LSU.

“I’m a first-generation college student,” Wilking said. “Going to school at LSU was something I had always dreamed about. It’s the spirit, it’s forever LSU, there’s an energy there.”


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