New Strategic Plan Developed to Advance Global Safety and Security

BATON ROUGE – LSU-NCBRT/Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education, or LSU-NCBRT/ACE, has developed a new strategic plan to advance global safety and security.

“As the future changes our lives daily and delivers complex challenges which threaten our personal, national and international safety and security, we at LSU-NCBRT/ACE will instill a devotion of excellence in our work toward a culture of resilience, preparedness and response capabilities,” said Jeff Mayne, LSU-NCBRT/ACE director. 

LSU-NCBRT/ACE’s Strategic Plan 2025 outlines key goals and objectives that address both new opportunities for growth and obstacles to growth. It also recognizes the center’s unique ability to be a global asset that serves as a tool for overcoming obstacles and presents a proactive approach toward maximizing global impact.

The center has already significantly impacted national and international preparedness. More than 372,324 responders have been trained through its programs over the last 20 years. In addition to its current programs, which will continue to progress, LSU-NCBRT/ACE is seeking new opportunities to use its established knowledge, skills and resource capital to further impact preparedness and response capabilities globally. 

By keeping up with the ever-changing threats, technology, pace of society and global nature of the current environment, LSU-NCBRT/ACE anticipates finding a broader audience in which to develop and deliver training for additional public and private sectors.

“We strive to inspire a culture of preparedness and increase community resilience both here and abroad,” Mayne said.

With a 20-year history in development and delivery of preparedness training; a professional staff of 50; over 260 subject-matter experts located across the U.S.; two dozen current courses; warehouses filled with the latest technology in the field; and mobile training delivered throughout the world, LSU-NCBRT/ACE has a unique opportunity to make a difference in community resilience around the world.

Download a copy of LSU-NCBRT/ACE’s Strategic Plan 2025 here, or visit to learn more.


About LSU-NCBRT/Academy of Counter-Terrorist Education

LSU-NCBRT/ACE’s mission is to influence, develop and deliver specialized training and education, providing the skills necessary to prepare for, respond to and recover from complex threats and high-consequence events.

LSU-NCBRT/ACE has expertise in research, development and delivery of training in the areas of law enforcement; biological incidents; food and agriculture safety and security; and instructional design and technique. Additionally, the center has diverse experience in technical assistance, project development, and program evaluation. LSU-NCBRT/ACE works with both public and private sectors around the world, providing customized training to suit individual needs.





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