LSU Experts Available to Speak about Mardi Gras History and Traditions


Mardi Gras

LSU researchers are available to speak on all aspects of the Mardi Gras season – from history and traditions to economic impact and tourism. LSU

BATON ROUGE – LSU faculty experts are available for media interviews about the Mardi Gras history and traditions. 

To schedule interviews, contact 225-578-5685/ or 225-578-3870/

LSU researchers available to speak on Mardi Gras include:

Alecia P. Long, associate professor, history
Contact: 225-578-4458 /  
Areas of expertise: 19th and 20th century social and cultural history of the United States, especially Louisiana and New Orleans

Carolyn Ware, associate professor, English 
Contact: 225-578-3022 / 
Areas of expertise: rural Cajun Mardi Gras celebrations, coastal folk culture (especially Plaquemines Parish), Louisiana Croatian folklife, human-animal relationships and veterinary culture

Helen Regis, associate professor, geography and anthropology
Contact: 225-578-6171 / 
Areas of expertise: Mardi Gras marching groups, innovation and tradition, alternative parades, New Orleans, gender, neighborhoods, race/racism, public space

Mark Martin, LSU Libraries Special Collections photographic processing archivist
Contact: 225-578-6501 / 
Areas of expertise: New Orleans and Baton Rouge Mardi Gras and the Baton Rouge’s Firemen’s Parade of the late-19th and early-20th centuries, which was the Baton Rouge substitute for Mardi Gras

Michael Pasquier, associate professor, religious studies and history
Contact: 225-578-2271 /
Areas of expertise: Roman Catholicism in the South, Roman Catholic traditions surrounding Mardi Gras and into lent 

Stephen Barnes, assistant professor of research in economics; director of the Economics and Policy Research Group
Contact: 225-578-3783 /
Areas of expertise: economic benefits of tourism and Mardi Gras; labor economics; health economics; regional economics; public finance; applied econometric and environmental related studies

Wes Shrum, professor, sociology
Contact: 225-578-5319 /
Areas of expertise: Ritual disrobement at Mardi Gras, nudity, new traditions

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LSU Libraries Special Collections:

The LSU Libraries have a number of collections related to Mardi Gras history and traditions:

For more information, contact LSU Libraries Special Collections at 225-578-6544 or


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