Eleven New Ideas Funded by LSU Board of Supervisors

New projects leverage technology to improve health and well-being

BATON ROUGE – An app designed to help people manage meal portion size is just one of the 11 new technologies selected for funding from the LSU Board of Supervisors through its innovation and technology transfer grant.

Eleven projects were funded totaling $469,381 in the seventh round of the Leverage Innovation for Technology Transfer, or LIFT2, grants. Since 2014, 96 research projects have received funding. More than $3.5 million in support has been awarded by the LSU Board of Supervisors through this competitive grant to researchers across all of LSU’s campuses.

The LSU LIFT2 Fund provides support to help transfer LSU technologies and innovations to the market – support that can be difficult to come by through traditional means. Providing a bridge over the critical gap between basic research and commercialization, the LSU LIFT2 Fund awards grants to faculty on a competitive basis twice a year, in amounts up to $50,000, to validate the market potential of their inventions.

“LIFT2 grants have been so successful that the program is now a permanent fixture of the LSU research ecosystem and awards will be made twice a year on a fixed schedule. The latest awardees demonstrate the depth of LSU’s research base and the creativity of LSU’s staff,” said Arthur Cooper, CEO of the LSU Research & Technology Foundation, which administers the LIFT2 grant application process.

Innovations include creative and artistic works as well as devices, drugs, software and other more traditional inventions; thus, personnel from all disciplines on all LSU campuses are strongly encouraged to consider an application to further develop an invention which has been previously disclosed to their campus technology transfer office.

The latest round of LIFT2 fund supports the following 11 new technologies:
  • Improved Cryopreservation for Global Germplasm Markets by Novel Sensing and Control Technology by Terrence Tiersch, LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources

  • Demonstrating Commercial Food Applications of Patent-Pending High Molecular Weight Water-Soluble Chitosan Products by Witoon Prinyawiwatkul, LSU School of Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • Developing a Wearable Patch for Longitudinal Outpatient Monitoring of Infants with Congenital Heart Disease by Danielle Gottlieb-Sen, LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine

  • Smart Portable Sleeve for Lymphedema Treatment by Hunter Gilbert, LSU Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

  • Development of oncolytic herpesvirus vector by Konstantin Kousoulas, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Freezing Storage of Liposuction Aspirate Tissue for Regenerative Medicine Applications by Ram Devireddy, LSU Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and Jeff Gimble, Pennington Biomedical Research Center

  • DB Free – Functional Pancreatic Cells from Feline Adipose Tissue by Mandi Lopez, LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Highly Active Cobalt Hydroformylation Catalysts by George G. Stanley, LSU Department of Chemistry

  • A prototype sensor for detection of cracks and remaining fatigue life by Michael Khonsari, LSU Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

  • HAlloGraft: Nanoenhanced Stem Cell Bone Grafts by Jonathan Alexander and Christen Boyer, LSU Health Shreveport

  • PortionSize: A market-ready app to estimate and manage portion size by Corby Martin and John Apolzan, Pennington Biomedical Research Center  





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