LSU Offers RAD Self-Defense Classes

BATON ROUGE - For more than 20 years, LSU has offered self-defense classes to its students, faculty and staff, as well as the Baton Rouge community.

“We want a person to be able to defend themselves as much as possible without harm to themselves and then to escape that situation,” said Kathy Saichuk, the assistant director for LSU’s Wellness and Health Promotion.

Staff members from LSU’s Wellness and Health Promotion team, along with the LSU Police Department, offer a 12-hour personal safety course for women called Rape Aggression Defense, or RAD, classes.

“These are skills, it doesn’t matter your size or age, anyone can do them,” Saichuk said.

The classes are typically offered once a semester and participants learn self-defense techniques.

“The last two to three hours of the class are spent in simulations. So, we’re all dressed in protective gear, and we’ll put you in a controlled situation, making it as real as possible that you are actually being attacked. And then the person is allowed to defend themselves with any and all skills they learned in the class,” said Saichuk.

LSU students who completed the course said they felt more confident in their ability to protect themselves.

“Every girl at LSU should take this class,” said an LSU freshman.

“It’s important because we want to provide another avenue for our students to understand what personal safety is about, and that sadly, we live in a world where this is not just something they will need today, but they will need it tomorrow and for the rest of their lives,” said Saichuk.

The classes cost $25 for LSU, Southern, and BRCC students, faculty, and staff. It costs $45 for general public.

Once participants have completed the course, the RAD lifetime return and practice policy allows students to return to any RAD Basic Self Defense Class to practice their skills at no cost.

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