LSU Faculty Establish Revised General Education Framework

BATON ROUGE – On Monday, Dec. 11, the LSU Faculty Senate General Education Committee unanimously voted to accept the recommendations of the LSU Strategic Plan 2025 General Education Committee, following a vote by the LSU Faculty Senate to approve Resolution 17-07, “Restructuring of LSU General Education,” one week earlier.

All students are required to take general education classes as part of their graduation requirements, and LSU adopted its current general education curriculum in 1987 with minimal revisions since.

Referred to as the LSU Integrative Learning Core, the new general education framework realigns LSU’s existing general education course structure to better prepare students to become effective and versatile problem solvers, global citizens and leaders. The framework includes four learning competencies:  critical inquiry and integrative applications, communication, civic and global application, and quantitative and inferential reasoning, which align to the values established in the LSU Strategic Plan 2025

“The integrative learning core will provide each student with a core set of skills that will allow them to be even more successful in their careers than our previous graduates,” said Ken McMillin, Faculty Senate president and LSU AgCenter professor. “In our rapidly changing world, communication, critical inquiry, analytical reasoning, and critical thinking will be essential for LSU graduates to be in leadership positions, engaged in global pursuits, and to make ethical choices in their personal and professional lives.”

Using integrative learning strategies, the LSU Integrative Learning Core will challenge students to approach their classwork through a multidimensional paradigm by using multiple modes of inquiry to discern solutions to complex problems. As a result, students will rethink how they problem solve, resulting in higher confidence and the ability to adapt to constantly changing environments.

“The integrative core partly shifts the focus of the classroom experience from ‘what students learn’ to ‘how students learn,’” said Matt Lee, vice provost for academic programs and support services.

LSU will pilot the Integrative Learning Core framework in a handful of courses starting fall 2018.

“In short, the new framework will help produce master, adaptive lifelong learners,” said Carol Wicks, department chair of Geology and Geophysics and Faculty Senate General Education Committee member.

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