About LaCASU


To foster safe and healthy collegiate communities by reducing problems associated with students’ substance use through collaboration among institutions of higher education and key community and state stakeholders.

LaCASU offers a range of services that are centered around: (1) Research and Evaluation, (2) Professional Development, and (3) Technical Assistance.

Research and Evaluation

  • Provide statewide qualitative and quantitaive assessments and evaluation of Louisiana's collegiate populations in efforts to aid higher education administrators working to resolve problems associated with substance use.

  • Promote awareness to state and community partners regarding the gravity of problems associated with substance use in an effort to identify potential solutions.

Professional Development

  • Provide seminars, trainings and workshops to our partners at the state, community, and higher education institutions working to resolve substance use related problems among the collegiate populations.

Technical Assistance

  • LaCASU serves as the primary source of professional expertise in collegiate substance use prevention in Louisiana.

  • Collaborate with national, state, community and higher education partners and stakholders addressing  problems associated with substance use in collegiate communities.