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Our name has changed! Field Consulting is now Desktop Operations.


We reorganized under the Unified Endpoint Configuration Management team, and are in the process of creating a new page. 


About Our Service

Desktop Operations provides University departments, administrative units, colleges, and research facilities with expertise in supporting, implementing, administering, configuring, and replacing computer endpoint devices and ITS supported software. 

Desktop Operations will provide administration and troubleshooting support for Windows and Mac end-user devices. Our goal is to support users' LSU-owned desktop and laptop devices from a business continuity perspective. 

This means we area vailable to provide support to all LSU departments by offering assistance with equipment replacement cycle, including implementation and retirement timelines - setup, break/fix, troubleshooting, installation, and wipe and prepare for surplus. We ensure that you can use your LSU-owned computer as your departmental role defines by providing prompt service when it isn't working as you need.

About our Structure

Our unit falls under the Unified Endpoint Configuration Management (UECM) Team of LSU-ITS. 

We are evolving into a Tier 2 support unit within ITS. This means we are still providing the same level of service, but now all communication should be directed to the Service Desk for the fastest resolution. Service Desk has more staff, so they can process more volume, and are capable of obtaining the information necessary for us to help you faster, when they aren't in a position to provide an immediate resolution.

If you need assistance from us, and used to email Field Consulting, now you should email, and they will route the ticket to us when necessary.


How can your department get the most effective support?

Ask your on-site technical support person (TSP) or if you don't have a TSP, ask your department head to utilize the services offered by UECM (currently only available to Windows devices):

Do you often need to install software from tigerware, but aren't an admin on your computer? Speak with us about getting the System Center client installed in your department.

  • Do you have software center available on your Windows computer?
    • Click the start button and search for "Software Center".
    • If you have it installed, then you can download any of the applications you see without administrative rights!
  • Having the System Center client will also allow us to help keep your computers up to date and compliant without you having to be present. As long as your computer is on we can schedule automated updates (beyond Windows Updates), installs, and compliance requirements to save your department and TSP time and energy.

For more information please visit our new page:  coming soon or email (page also coming soon).



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