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Our name is changing! Field Consulting is currently in the process of becoming "Desktop Operations."


We are currently in the process of reorganizing under the Unified Endpoint Configuration Management team. We will temporarily be unable to take on new clients, but please reach out if you have need, as we may be able to offer some options through our new service model.


About Our Service

Desktop Operations provides University departments, administrative units, colleges, and research facilities with expertise in supporting, implementing, administering, configuring, and replacing computer endpoint devices and ITS supported software. 

Desktop Operations will provide administration and troubleshooting support for Windows and Mac end-user devices, as well as Windows Server setup and basic maintenance, for LSU-owned devices. We also ensure your devices are compliant., or provide information as to why they are not with remediation advice.

Desktop Operations also helps develop disaster recovery protocols and solutions, and provides technology planning and equipment replacement cycle, including implementation and retirement timelines.

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*some of the content below may be out-dated.

Range of Skill sets:

Our technicians range from student workers to expert professionals with years of experience, so we can ensure that the IT services you need will be performed in a reasonable time, by a capable technician. To go a step further, we have the resources of all the IT experts employed by LSU-ITS at our disposal. As such, we are able to provide you with IT support when needed, and always have somebody available. 

No concern of lacking IT staff:

When you hire a full-time IT professional you take a chance that you will have an IT emergency while they are out sick, or on vacation. With Field Consulting, if your Primary Field Consultant is unavailable, we send a replacement.

You're current IT support could be all you need, but what would you do if they were unavailable due to an emergency, or not robust enough to meet a last minute deadline?  Once you are contracted with Field Consulting we can step in and assist as needed.


Each client will be assigned a Primary Field Consultant (PFC), but will be supported by the skill set of the entire ITS-Field Consulting team.

Our service adheres to the normal LSU calendar, so the we will provide service over 50 weeks.

Representatives of ITS-Field Consulting will assess your needs, and help you determine if we can offer more efficient options to your department. 


Currently, we are not charging any fee for our support. We are utilizing this reorganizational period to determine which services will require a charge. As you can imagine we hit capacity quick, which is why we are currently unable to accept more clients. This is temporary and soon we will be available to all departments in some form.

The intention is to offer as many free services as possible to prevent halting business operations of a user, but some instances may incur a charge, such as devices that are not individual user end-points, like lab devices, some server support or advanced support. 


Still working this detail out.


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