Client Testimonials

 “I was very happy with the quick response time and the accuracy of their work. The team showed up the day after we submitted our ticket and correctly solved the problems before they left. I was also happy that they asked if there were other problems that needed be solved before they left.” 

 Jeannie D. Williamson 
Assistant to the Department Head/Chairman 
LSU Foreign Languages & Literatures

“The Field Consulting team has been fantastic to work with and has been invaluable to our departmental efforts as we grow our internal resources.  On Friday we had two deliveries totaling 88 laptops on four pallets, three new employee setups and ten machines to image, all in the same day.  The Field Consulting team cranked through it all without batting an eye.  Their dedication, expertise and initiative are excellent, and I will recommend their services to any department in need.”

 Scott Delaney 
IT Director, LSU Digital & Continuing Education 

"All of my contacts with the Field Consulting group have been positive. Recently, Brooke and Clayce made an image of one new computer that was updated to Win10 Enterprise.  They showed me how to image the other 74 computers we must set up this summer.  Their instructions were clear and easy to understand.  They responded quickly when I encountered a glitch and solved it so that I could continue with the work.  This is a great service!"

 Valerie Hudson 
Administrative Program Specialist  
(Undergraduate Studies)