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Review this document for basic issues with Remote Work Tools.

Create Support Ticket / Become a Client

If you are a client of ITS-Field Consulting, please fill out the form below to send an email to the Service Desk for IT Support, or select the second option to begin the process of becoming a client.

Client List

For quicker service, please have your department's Field Consulting Liaison create a ticket on your behalf.

End-user = person or device in need of support.
Liaison = person named as the point of contact on the Field Consulting SLA.

All tickets will be submitted under the end-user's email address. The liaison's email will be included as a backup contact.

An LSU email is required to generate a ticket. Please make sure to create tickets using LSU email addresses, and have have applicable user's check their LSU emails for updates on the tickets.

Select your department

Enter First and Last name of departmental liaison to Field Consulting.

Enter your email address ( only)

Enter your Phone number (NA if you are the end user)

Enter end-user's First and Last names. (Enter liaison's info if there is no end user).

Enter end-user's email address. (Enter liaison's info if there is no end user. only).

Enter end-user's phone number. (Enter liaison's info if there is no end user).

In which building is support needed.

In which room is support needed.

Please choose a severity level based on the information below:

1-High Priority 
The impact of the issue to the customer’s operation results in the customer not being able to conduct business. Alternatives/workarounds are not available.
2-Normal Priority 
The impact of the issue to the customer’s operation means the customer can conduct business, but using a backup or alternate method is required. Normal speeds may be greatly reduced causing inefficient job performance.
3-Low Priority
The impact of the issue is such that the customer can conduct business as usual, but an impending maintenance issue is required to resolve the problem. Normal speeds may be slightly reduced.

Check all that apply. NA if no device support is required.

Please note that if your user account does not have access to the desired data, or drives that you are requesting we will need approval from your department IT support. If your department does not have in-house IT support, we will need approval from your supervisor before we can change permissions to access data.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Only needed to obtain access to restricted data or drives

Give your issue a title

Please describe your issue in detail.

Please select up to 3 available date/time ranges when we can respond to your request.

The following information is not required, but we may ask for it at some point to resolve your issue. If you know any of the following information about the device in need of support it may help speed up resolution time.

Internet or Computer issue:
Provide computer name, IP address
(see "What is my computer name" and "How to find IP and MAC addresses" below)

Install a network printer:
1. Provide printer name (and/or IP address)
     -If the printer is a copier management printer, the CM#### should be on the front of the device.

2. Provide computer name that you are connecting the printer to.

Map drive:
Provide computer name needing drive mapped.
Provide server name where data is stored.
Provide name of folder you need access to.

If you need the z drive mapped, then we need to know what the z drive is.

sharename (\\mydept-server) (Z:)
z: (\\servername\sharename)

In the above example, "sharename" is the folder name, "mydept-server" is the server name, and "Z:" is the drive letter chosen to map.

What is my computer name?

Click here to find computer name

How to find IP and MAC addresses:

Click here for instructions on how to find IP and Mac addresses

see above for instructions

see above for instructions (130.39.x.x)

see above for instructions (xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)

see above for instructions (CMxxxx)

see above for instructions (z:\servername\sharename). Separate drives by semi-colon (:)


(select all that apply)

(give your best guess for now)


Did you have a positive or negative experience?

Please tell us about your experience.

Tell us your first name

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