Administrative Computing FAQ 

For password and password question changes, you will need to visit either the ITS Service Desk in Frey or LSU Library. Your LSU ID will be required for verification.

All accounts on campus reset after 15 minutes from the last failed login attempt, this is something we cannot change. You will need to wait for the timeout period to expire.

No. You can lock the machine by clicking on Start > Lock or pressing windows key + L on the keyboard.

  • You can access data from home by first opening the Cisco Anywhere Client app. This is necessary to allow your computer from home to connect to your computer at work. More information can be found here -
  • After opening the Cisco client, you can remote connect to your work machine or map the network drive. Contact for assistance. This needs to be setup before attempting to connect from home.

Email with the software request. We will try to accommodate your request.

This is not a service provided to non-ITS staff due to security reasons.

  • Assuming you’re using a service that can be streamed, and provided your department allows this, yes. Email with the client you prefer.
  • We do not provide support for anyone wanting to watch unauthorized videos (even at lunch) on their machine.