ECAR Study of Student, Faculty and Information Technology

The EDUCASE Center for Analysis and Research (ECAR) collaborates with institutions nationwide to provide user data, higher education technology trends and practices, and collaboration opportunities focused on improving IT's contribution to higher education.

The ECAR Study of Student, Faculty and Information Technology survey data offers an insight into how LSU faculty and students perceive classroom-based technologies, systems, services, technology ownership, use patterns, and expectations as they relate to the faculty and student experience. The faculty survey is sent out every other year and the student survey is sent out each year.

*Faculty reports may include responses from multiple LSU campuses. 

*Faculty Technology Survey is now administered every other year since 2015.


2014 ECAR Faculty Data

2014 ECAR Faculty Survey

2015 ECAR Faculty Data

2015 ECAR Faculty Survey

2017 ECAR Faculty Data

2017 ECAR Faculty Survey


2015 ECAR Student Data

2015 ECAR Student Survey

2016 ECAR Student Data

2016 ECAR Student Survey

2017 ECAR Student Data

2017 ECAR Student Survey