Computer Labs

The Research and Education Technology Services (RETS) Computer Lab Team supports technologies that prepare LSU students to excel in their research and vocational pursuits beyond graduation. Our highly experienced staff actively maximizes the availability, capacity, and functionality of LSU’s IT resources by providing support for the acquisition, installation, maintenance, and intelligent use of state-of-the-art technology for the purpose of sustaining and enhancing student life and learning.

The RETS Computer Lab Team is responsible for several public access computer labs on campus as well as some lab classrooms and specialty labs. You can find more information about computer lab locations, access, and resources in GROK Article 15877.

The labs provide access to pay-for-print service stations that are available to LSU Tigercard/Tigercash participants and are located in many labs across campus.  You can find more information about the printing stations in GROK Article 15873.

The RETS Computer Lab Team also maintains a campus wide Virtual Desktop Lab (VLab) open to all LSU faculty, staff, and students in support of academic pursuits. More information on VLab installation and access is available in GROK Article 16074.

The Student Technology Fee, paid by all students, ensures that LSU remains at the forefront of existing technologies and is adequately staffed and equipped to provide support for these tools. The RETS Computer Lab Team is one of the many benefits that the LSU communities receives through the STF. To find more about the Student Technology Fee.