Research & Education Technology Services (RETS)

The Research and Education Technology Services (RETS) team actively responds to the growing technology needs of LSU’s academic community by combining industry standards and staff expertise to expand the utility and secure the usability of multimedia facilities, high performance computing systems, and IT network services. Our services and support are available to each college, school, and discipline of the LSU community through the expertise and abilities of our teams, systems, and services:

The Classroom IT Team supports the hardware, supplementary equipment, systems, and networks that power instructional technologies in multimedia classrooms. The Student Technology Fee funds many of the tech services that this group provides including the Equipment Check-Out Program, where presenters can check out portable equipment, and live monitoring, support, and repairs for both classroom and portable technologies. 

The Computer Labs Team, funded by the Student Technology Fee, maintains the campus-wide Virtual Desktop Lab, manages the pay-for-print service stations, and monitors and supports a number of public access and specialty labs. Team members install, maintain, and are available to offer tech support for the equipment in these facilities.

The High Performance Computing (HPC) Team works with a number of entities, including the Center for Computation and Technology (CCT) and the Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure (LONI), to create and make available a complex, interdisciplinary system of high performance computing hardware, software, and tech support. The system enables researchers and students to share information and conduct computational research and experiments in a secure environment.

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