IT Security Services

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
A Public Key Infrastructure is an enabling, foundational technology that allows organizations to build security solutions that leverage a common trust. The PKI provides an organization with the facility to create, distribute, and manage keys used by computers and users. These keys can be used for business functions such as sending secure email, encrypting data on disks to protect against loss or theft, and securing communications, such as with virtual private networks (VPNs). LSU A&M has chosen to utilize the InCommon Certificate Service for its PKI. Read More >>

IT Security Assessments
IT Security and Policy Office will assist a department in determining the security level of their IT infrastructure through an IT Security Assessment. Read More >>

Sensitive Data Scanning
IT Security and Policy Office recommends a product called Identity Finder through which an individual can determine if there is any sensitive information present on their workstation or server. Read More >>

Vulnerability Management
IT Security and Policy office proactively scans the entire LSU network to identify security vulnerabilities. Read More >>