Listserv Usage

  • All lists MUST be owned or sponsored by an individual related to LSU. By agreeing to own or sponsor an LSU LISTSERV list, the owner/sponsor assumes the responsibility of day-to-day monitoring and operation of the list. In addition, the owner/sponsor is expected to be the subscriber’s contact when problems or questions regarding the LISTSERV arise.

  • MODERATED lists are the default (MODERATED means that the owner/sponsor must approve postings before distribution to the members of a LISTSERV list). However, list owners/sponsors have the option to “OPT OUT” by signing an electronic form.

  • Subscribers agree to hold Information Technology Services (ITS) and the list owners/sponsors harmless for any opinions expressed on LISTSERV mailing lists. Opinions stated DO NOT reflect the opinions of LSU, ITS, or the list owners/sponsors.

  • Lists may not attempt to address the entire LSU community, nor any group of individuals for which the list owner/sponsor is not administratively responsible. No mass unsolicited mailings are allowed. Under NO circumstances may addresses from LSU LISTSERV lists be compiled, collected, or used for any purposes (commercial or non-commercial) other than mail regarding the topic of the list. None of a list’s addresses may be used for mass mailings or databases without the express written permission of the individual subscriber.

  • LISTSERV lists are either for discussion purposes where only members/designated individuals are allowed to post messages or for announcements where only select people can post messages.

  • LISTSERV lists are secured from spammers: 1) LISTSERV lists are not public or publicized 2) list owners/sponsors are the only ones that can add/delete members 3) list owners/sponsors need a password or need to go through a confirmation process before they can add/delete members.

  • By default LISTSERV lists deny attachments in attempts to prevent the spread of viruses by e-mail. There are exceptions where the list owner/sponsor may request the ability to send attachments.

  • Each Fall, LSU LISTSERV list owners/sponsors will receive a renewal notice via e-mail. In order to renew a list, the owner/sponsor must reply to the message by the date specified, or the list will be removed from the system.

NOTE: The conduct of subscribers who use UNMODERATED LISTSERVS is governed by applicable University rules, policies, and codes of conduct. Complaints of UNMODERATED LISTSERV abuse are directed to the Office of the CIO. By signing the form (agreeing to “OPT OUT”), the Office of the CIO has the authority/right to disable or require modification to the LISTSERV.