Governance | LSU IT Governance Council



Developed jointly by Rick Koubek, former Executive Vice President and Provost and Dan Layzell, Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO in July 2017, the IT Governance Council provides oversight for IT activities on campus to ensure alignment with objectives stated in our Strategic Plan.  The group uses data-supported measurements — such as strategic fit, return on value (ROV), total cost of ownership (TCO) and strategic directions — in prioritizing and finding resources for the many conflicting requests for IT services.   As such, members of the group make recommendations for decisions based on overall University needs. 

This Council is led by Sandi Gillilan, Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and supported by John Borne, Interim Chief Technology Officer, and is comprised of representatives from all facets of the University.  The IT Governance Council is be helping us charter our course for the future IT environment through its efforts to develop the policies, rules and standards needed for IT at the University.  The demands upon our enterprise technologies continue to escalate, and will continue to do so at an even faster rate in the future. We expect the IT Governance Council to evaluate and prioritize the demands upon enterprise technologies, oversee data access, evaluate and monitor progress on Enterprise IT activities, and ensure that enterprise IT activities are aligned with the objectives of LSU’s Strategic Plan.

Membership 2019

  • Sandi Gillilan (Chair), Associate Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
  • Andy Maverick, Assoc. Dean, College of Science
  • Barbara Reonas, Assistant Dean, College of Engineering
  • Neal Lamonica, Associate Director, LSU Athletics
  • Lu Peng, Professor, College of Engineering
  • Bret Collier, Associate Professor, College of Agriculture
  • Darya Courville, Executive Director, Sponsored Programs
  • Ed Nobles, Director, Office of Risk Management
  • Donna Torres, AVP, Accounting Services
  • Chad Brackin, Chief Auditor, Internal Audit
  • Sally McKechnie, Assistant Vice President, Procurement
  • Benjamin Cornwell, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Disability Services
  • Ashton Vaughn, Student Government

Ex-officio members (vote on enterprise decisions)

  • John Borne, Interim CTO LSU (Baton Rouge)
  • David Alexander, CIO, Pennington Biomedical Research Center
  • Kenny Brown, CIO, LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport
  • Stephen Heyward, CIO, LSUE
  • J. Mickey Kees, CIO, LSU Health Services Division
  • Shelby Keith, CIO, LSUS
  • Jason Normand, CIO, LSUA
  • Ken Boe, CIO, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans
  • Fred Piazza, CIO, LSU AgCenter


The IT Governance Council generally meets the first Thursday of each month.