Our mission as the liaison between the needs of ITS in its advancement of IT on the campus and the Office of Purchasing is to provide the most efficient purchasing process while adhering to University and state purchasing policies and procedures.

When a purchasing need arises, it is our job to familiarize ourselves with the specific need, obtain formal vendor quotes, offer an assortment of options where applicable, advise and solicit bids where applicable, and track order status and shipping.

The State of Louisiana requires LSU to purchase all equipment from pre-negotiated state contracts. All vendors must also be enrolled in the LSU Vendor and Commodity Database. The enrollment process and information on all vendor requirements can be found here.

Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Office of Purchasing located at 213 Thomas Boyd Hall, 225-578-2176.

The process of purchasing falls into two main categories: general and professional consultation services.

General Purchases

Those purchases that are considered normal day business buys such as: promotional and logo purchases, framing, refurbished equipment purchases, new equipment purchases, software, rentals, office supplies, printing needs, maintenance/warranty coverage, repairs and travel.

State Required Forms for General Purchases

State regulations require all non-competitive purchases of equipment, repairs, promotional and logo purchases, framing, and sole sourced items to have specific forms to be completed and approved during the purchasing process. These forms can be found here.

University LaCarte Visa Card

Accounts Payable and Travel allows all departments on campus to participate in the LaCarte Purchasing Card program. This program allows the use of a credit card to buy all non-competitive purchases that are $1,000 dollars or under. Allowable purchases are considered those that fall into class registrations, software, software support and subscription, small office supplies, computer equipment, repair parts, repair service, and tools.

Items not allowed to be purchased using the LaCarte credit card are:

  • Gas
  • Improvements to facility (such as keys, locks, or any other item that Facility Svcs is capable of providing)
  • Items normally available through Instructional Support & Development,
  • Graphic Services, Facility Services, Public Affairs, and/or University Stores (except for office supplies)
  • Personal, Professional, and Consulting Services
  • Decorative, personal, or any item that is not consistent with the departmental mission
  • Framing or frames

All LaCarte card purchases are subject to review to keep within the policies and approved purchase regulations set forth by Accounts Payable and Travel.