About ITS

Information Technology Services (ITS) enables the IT resources used by LSU students, staff, and faculty. ITS’s divisions include the Office of the Chief Technology Officer,  Enterprise Architecture, Technical Architecture, Service & Operations, and the Student Modernization Project. ITS’s nearly 190 staff members create and maintain vital university systems like course registration and grades; provide network , wireless and telephone connectivity campus-wide; house the computational resources used by many LSU researchers; staff and maintain student computing labs; and provide direct support to the thousands of computer users here at LSU. Through engagement with the LSU community and its new IT Governance model, LSU ITS is more than actively responding to the evolving technical needs and challenges of LSU.


Information Technology Services delivers University-tailored and enterprise grade technology infrastructure, security, applications, communications and services to empower and enable the research, teaching and administrative functions of LSU.  ITS embraces operational excellence and industry best practices to supply enterprise architecture and IT shared services supporting the LSU system. 

Mission success is accomplished by deliberately operating under the principles and framework of IT Governance, formally managing resources through a Portfolio Management Office, proactively building core competencies (Talent Management), and actively collaborating with IT personnel and leadership across all LSU campuses, colleges and departments (TSPs). 

In addition, the ITS mission includes assisting the University to thoughtfully, proactively and collaboratively evaluate and manage risks, in order to leverage opportunities and to eliminate or mitigate adverse effects.


Provide transformative enterprise technology solutions that inspire innovation and enrich the student, faculty, and staff experience at LSU.

Keys to Success

Deliberate: Two quotes define what we mean.  “If you don’t know where you are going, every path will get you there” Al Harms, and “good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion” Jack Welch.  ITS has formulated a plan and we will work towards completion to avoid missing the mark.

Accountable: Every ITS team member has a clear definition of their job expectations, formal goals that are evaluated annually and a professional development plan that helps them with growth in the workplace.  Those serve as foundational to everyone in ITS to own their job and take the responsibility to meet or exceed our ITS goals.

Transparent: ITS is committed to operating using a standards based approach that builds on industry best practices of open communication and trust.

Inclusive: ITS is a diverse work environment committed to ensuring that team members not only respect our customers and each other, but seek those with varying opinions, perspectives and approaches so that optimal technology solutions are implemented.

Transformative: ITS is committed to being an interactive, flexible, and adaptable organization that enables LSU to not only reach its strategic goals and aspirations, but do it in a manner of operational excellence so that LSU can meet the dynamic challenges and be more competitive through innovation, agility and trust. 


Information Technology Services is located in the Fred C. Frey Computing Services Center. It is on the corner of South Stadium Road and Tower Drive. Measuring 205 by 132 feet, the two-story, 56,000 square feet, brick veneer building is situated next to Choppin and Williams Hall with Knapp Hall to the east. A 30-foot arcade area separates Choppin and the Computing Services Center. The Computing Services Center won the Rose Award for architectural design excellence after construction was finished.

The building is named in memory of Major Fred C. Frey (1891-1980), "Mr. LSU", student, athlete, teacher, counselor, friend "who loved and served LSU so well for such a long time."