International Services

Louisiana State University
101 Hatcher Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Name and Title Responsibilities
Natalie RigbyNatalie Rigby
  • Supervisor of SEVIS (Student Exchange Visitor Information System)
  • Federal Government and Immigration Compliance Responsibilities
  • Primary Designated School Officer for University F Student Visa Program
  • Responsible Officer for University J Exchange Visitor Program
  • Supervisor of Personnel, Processing, Office Programs, Budget and Services
  • Liaison for University, Departments and Governmental Agencies
  • Supervisor of IS Functions and Staff
  • Sponsored Student Program Contracts
  • Advisor for incoming International Fulbright Students, Sponsored, and Exchange Students
  • J-1 Student Extensions/Travel/Transfer/Advising
  • J-1 Academic Training and Economic Hardship
  • Documentation for J-1 Student Spouse and/or Children (J-2 Documentation)
  • J-2 Employment for Student Dependents
  • Small Short Term Emergency Loans for Students
  • General Counseling
Lorena ColinaLorena Colina
Assistant Director
  • Supervisor of Non-Immigrant Documentation for Admissions
  • Financial Ability Evaluation
  • Advising on F-1 Extensions, Travel, Transfer, visas, F-2 Dependents, Immigration Documents
  • Maintenance of Immigration Student Status Advising
  • Reinstatement Procedures and Processing
  • Change of Status Processing
  • Special Letters
  • Advisement on maintenance of non-immigrant students status and part-time enrollment issues
  • Advisement/ clearance signature for resigning from the University/ withdrawing from classes
Loveness SchaferLoveness Schafer
Associate Director
  • H1B Faculty/Staff/Scholars Advising and Processing
  • H-1B Visa Status Processing
  • J-1 Professors/Scholars/Researchers/Advising and Processing
  • Maintenance of Status and Travel Advising
  • Department of Labor: Labor Certification Processing
  • TN and O Visa Status Processing and Advising
  • Permanent Residency Petition Processing for Approved LSU Employees
Angela KanneyAngela Kanney
Orientation and Employment Services Coordinator 
  • Coordinator of new international student orientation
  • Document processing/ advisement on non-immigrant student employment issues
  • On-campus employment (LSU - Baton Rouge Campus only)
  • Clearance for LSU F-1/J-1 students to work for campus vendors
  • Off Campus Employment
  • F-1 Optional Practical Training (OPT)
  • F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • F-1 Economic Hardship
  • SSN advising for F-1 and J-1 students
Sara OlivierSara Olivier
Documentation Services Coordinator
  • Communication with Prospective and Admitted International Applicants
  • Initial I-20 Document Production (for admitted applicants and dependents) and Mailing of Admissions Materials
  • Monitor International Student Admission
  • Financial Ability Evaluation
  • F-1 SEVIS Immigration Transfer Forms - entering LSU
  • Request Letter Production of Admitted Applicants
  • Immigration Documentation Clearance of New Students
  • Processing Reports for New and Re-entry Students
A. AnguloAlberto Angulo
SEVIS Compliance Coordinator 
  • I-20 Document Management (F visa status)
  • Maintenance of Immigration SEVIS National Database System for LSU-BR University compliance
  • Management of Batch Transmission Reporting to SEVIS System
  • Green Sheet Request Form Processing
  • Request Letter Production
  • Routine I-20 Travel Authorization Signature
  • School Transfer Forms - leaving LSU

Abby MensingAbby Mensing
LSU Global and ELOP Coordinator

  • LSU Global and ELOP program student advisor: advising and processing duties for all LSU Global and ELOP program students:
  • Monitor International LSU Global and ELOP Student Admissions
  • Financial Ability Evaluation
  • Initial I-20 Document Production
  • F-1 SEVIS Immigration Transfer Forms - entering LSU
  • Immigration Documentation Clearance
  • Processing Reports for New, Re-entry and Continuing LSU Global and ELOP Students
  • I-20 Document and SEVIS Database Management (F visa status)
  • Blue Sheet Request Form Processing (LSU Global)
  • Request Letter Production
  • Routine I-20 Travel Authorization Signature
  • School Transfer Forms - leaving LSU
Janice GoodloeJanice Goodloe
Administrative Program Specialist
  • Health Insurance Advising for International Students and Scholars
  • J-1 Professor/Scholar/Researcher Requests
  • New J-1 Professor/Scholar/Researcher Orientation
  • Documentation for J-1 Scholar Spouse and/or Children
  • J-2 Documentation
  • J-2 Employment Information for Scholar Dependents
  • Assists with H-1B Requests
  • Sponsored Student Billing Contracts and Inquiries
  • Automated Billing System (ABS) Problem Solving
  • Emergency Student Loan Processing
  • DS-2019 (J-1) Form Generation and Production
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Program Monitoring of SEVIS System and Annual Report Statistics