“The first time I came to ELOP I was very scared. It was my first time being far from home by myself, but ELOP changed my life because it helped me to improve my English. Now, I feel very happy because ELOP has improved my English, and it’s going to help me to get a better future. I know for sure that I made the right decision.”

—Gustavo Ramirez, Venezuela 



hou and rodriguez


“I’ve studied at ELOP for about one year. I have made some good friends. And I have been improving my English ability. I really enjoy the American lifestyle. And I prefer the weather in Baton Rouge!”

—Jianwei Hou, China


“I came here to ELOP to improve my English skills. In the process of improving those skills, I’ve learned a lot of new things about reading, grammar, and composition. My experience so far has been very nice because all the staff is very helpful.”

—Jesus Rodriguez, Honduras





“ELOP has the best English teachers! They encourage us to keep trying and to learn. And my classmates are so friendly. ELOP really helps students to communicate with others.”

—Maria Lucia da Silva Baptista, Angola


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