Trevor Shelley 

PhD Student  - 1st Political Theory  - 2nd American Politics

Bachelor's Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts: Concordia University, 2005

Master's Degree: University of Calgary, 2007

Phone: 225-578-2141

Fax: 225-578-2540


Office: Stubbs Hall


Area of Interest

Trevor Shelley's interests include the history of political thought and contemporary European political thought and politics.


Awards & Honors

Sidney Richards Moore Fellowship in Political Philosophy (2010-2011)

Selected Publications

Trevor Shelley, "Some Parts of a Larger Whole: David J. Levy and Hans Jonas," Voegelin View, January, 2011.

Shelley, Trevor, and Jacob Seigler, “Is Pain a Problem?: Human Nature and Suffering in J.J. Rousseau and C.S. Lewis.” Sehnsucht: A Journal on C.S. Lewis, vol. 4 (2010): 19-42. [peer reviewed]

Trevor Shelley, "Against All Odds: Defending the Philosocphic Tradition of Pessimism," Book Review, J.F. Dienstag's Pessimism, International Political Anthropology, Vol. 2, No. 2 (Nov. 2009):294-298.

Trevor Shelley, "Cleisthenes," "The Oracle of Delphi," "The Axial Age," and "Themistocles," in M.E. Ackermann et. al. (eds.) Encyclopedia of World History, V Volumes (NY, USA: Facts On File, June, 2008).


Courses Taught at LSU:
Political Science 2060: Introduction to Political theory - Spring 2011
Political Science 2053: Introduction to Comparative Politics - Fall 2010
Political Science 2060: Introduction to Political Theory - Spring 2010