Michal Kuz 

PhD Student  - 1st Political Theory  - 2nd Comparative Politics

Bachelor's Degree(s): Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, 2007

Master's Degree: Warsaw University, Warsaw, 2009

Phone: 225-578-2141

Fax: 225-578-2540

E-mail: mkuz2@tigers.lsu.edu

Office: Stubbs Hall


Area of Interest

Michal Kuz's research interests focus around political theory and especially modern federalism, political change, the theory of revolution and the legacy of Alexis de Tocqueville. He is also interested in comparative Euro-American politics, Russian political philosophy and studies on the Islamic culture.

Awards & Honors

2010 - Fulbright Foreign Fellow
2008 - Institute for Humane Studies Summer Seminar Scholarship 


Selected Publications

2010. "Islam i Chrzescijanstwo a filozofia Nietzschego" ["Islam, Christianity and Nietzsche's Philosophy"], in : Cnota Kultury, Kultura Cnoty, Adam mickiewicz University Press, Poznan.

2006. "Lewa Wolna" ["The Left is Open], Nowe Panstwo 3(3), Warsaw.

2005. "Szkola Atty" [Atta's School"], W Drodze 5(381), Poznan.

2003. "Starcie Kontynentow" ["The Clash of the Continents"], W Drodze 7(359), Poznan.

2007-2009 Journalist at a national Polish weekly - Newsweek Polska, and one of editors of the website - www.newsweek.pl.


Recent Conference Presentations:

April 22-23, 2010, "United States of Europe or the American Union," conference title: Evolution of the political system, Collegium Pollonicum in Slubice.

April 14, 2010, "New York Intellectuals," conference title: New York on my Mind, Krakow, the Jagiellonian University American Studies Association.

April 22-23, 2010, "Can the American Constitution Become a Model for the Constitution of Unified Europe?,"conference title: Americanization as a common phenomenon, the Jagiellonian University American Studies Association.