PhD Placement

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Our graduates have found tenure-track positions at varied institutions such as the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Literature (Moscow), Texas State University, University of North Carolina- Asheville, Transylvania University, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, University of Illinois-Springfield, Cascadia Community College, University of the Incarnate Word, Jamestown College, and Georgia Southern University. They teach at research universities, liberal arts colleges, HBCUs, international universities, regional universities, and community colleges throughout the country and in many places abroad. Graduates have also chosen careers in industry, non-profits, publishing, government, and secondary education. We have recently been averaging six or seven PhDs per year.

The table below details the placement of every PhD in English for the last 11 years. Here you will find the year of PhD, year of placement, institution, position type, and dissertation title. Assistant Professor positions are all tenure-track, unless otherwise noted. Additional information about placements from 2000-2005 follows the table.

Many English graduate programs offer placement information in the form of percentages. Because there is no consistency among English departments regarding what constitutes placement (tenure track only, post docs, all full-time employment, etc.), these figures can be somewhat confusing or even misleading. Rather than present information that can be misconstrued, we have proudly listed all our PhDs from 2006 to 2017.


Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Stacey Amo 2017 University of Wisconsin-Superior Senior Instructor, English

The Fooding of Narrative in Contemporary Women’s Transnational Fiction

Pallavi Rastogi

Maggie Callahan          2017 Hastings College Assistant Professor, English

The Right of Hospitality: Conditions of Death in America

Barbara Heifferon and Broke Rollins

Vicki Davis 2017 Indiana Tech Assistant Professor, English

Disease, Bread, Efficiency: Rhetorics of Victorian Education Reform

Sue Weinstein

Brandon Katzir 2017 Oklahoma City College Assistant Professor, English

Descendants of Abraham: A Comparative Approach to Jewish and Islamic Rhetorics

Malcom Richardson and Barbara Heifferon

Rimun Murad 2017 Louisiana State University Postdoctoral Instructor, English

The West as Fiction in First-Generation Arab Immigrant Literature

Jacob Berman and Pallavi Rastogi

Jordan Von Cannon 2017 Florida Gulf Coast University Assistant Professor, English

Idling Women: The Domestic Bidungsroman and the American City, 1830-1900

Michelle Masse

Anna West 2017 McKinley High School Founder, Humanities Amped

"In the School, Not of the School”: Co-Performing Critical Literacies with English Amped

Sue Weinstein

Logan Wiedenfeld 2017 Tulane University Postdoctoral Fellow, English Department

Re-writing the Self: Negotiating Subjectivity and Narrative in the Modernist Bildungsroman

Joseph Kronick and Michelle Masse


Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Penelope Dane 2016 Hamilton College              Visiting Scholar

Queer Emplotment: Lesbian Caretaking in North American Canonical Fiction from 1980 – 2011

Solimar Otero

Matthew Dischinger 2016 Georgia Tech Marion L. Brittain PostDoctoral Fellow

Postsouthern Melancholia: Revising the Region in the Twenty-First Century

Brannon Costello and Pallavi Rastogi

Aaron Duplantier 2016 University of Houston Visiting Assistant Professor

Consumer Mutations: Mediated Subjectivities of the Incipient Digital Age

James Catano

Madoka Kishi 2015 University of Tokyo Instructor  

The Erotics of Race Suicide: The Making of Whiteness and the Death Drive in the Progressive Era, 1880-1920

Benjamin Kahan

Emily Kobayashi 2016 American University Adjunct

 "Columbus of the Moral Seas”: Byronic Sexuality and the Figuration of Place

Christopher Rovee


Von Cannon

2016 Louisiana State University Post-degree Instructor, WGS  

Idling Women: The Domestic Bildungsroman and the American City, 1830-1900

Michelle Massé


Von Cannon

2016 Louisiana State University Post-degree Instructor, English

 The Darkest Nation: American Melancholia in Modernist Narratives of the First World War

J. Gerald Kennedy

Logan Wiedenfeld 2016 Louisiana State University Post-degree Instructor, English

A Novel without a Self: Decentering the Protagonist in the Modernist Bildungsroman

Joseph Kronick and Michelle Massé

Katherine Willis 2016 University of Central Arkansas Assistant Professor

 Chaucer’s “Naked Text” and the Tradition of the Medieval Sublime

 Jesse Gellrich


2014 -15

Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Jaime Cantrell 2014 University of Mississippi Visiting Assistant Professor

Southern Sapphisms: Sexuality and Sociality in Literary Productions, 1974-97 

Katherine Henninger

Laura Keigan 2014 Pellissippi State CC Adjunct

Intersections of Race and Class in 1930s Othello Burlesques

Sharon Weltman

Monica Miller 2013 Georgia Tech Marion L. Brittain PostDoctoral Fellow

Lopsided, Scarred, and Squint-Eyed: Ugly Women in the Work of Southern Women Writers

Brannon Costello

Ali Rezaie 2014 LSU Post-degree Instructor, English

Liberalism and the Dilemmas of Cultures

Jacob Berman


David Riche 2014 University of Denver Assistant Professor, University Writing Program

Precarious Positions: Toward a Theory and Pedagogy of Rhetorical Vulnerability

Irvin Peckham





Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Michael Griffin 2014 Georgia Tech Marion L. Brittain PostDoctoral Fellow

The Visual Novel: Fictional Space & Print After 1900

Michelle Massé

Stephanie Krasserstein 2014 Indiana State University Instructor

Toward a Northern Irish Pastoral: Reading the Rural in Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon         

Pallavi Rastogi

Laura Faulk 2014 LSU Post-degree Instructor, English

Body Language:  Pain in Victorian Literature

Elsie Michie

Amanda Wicks 2014 University of Illinois Press Assistant Acquisitions Editor

The Imagined After: Re-Positioning Social Memory through Twentieth-Century Post-Apocalyptic Literature and Film

Carl Freedman

Kevin Casper 2013 University of West Georgia Assistant Professor

In Spite of Yourself: The Asignifying Force of Humor and Laughter

Brooke Rollins

Jared Hromadka 2013 English Language and Orientation Program Instructor

The Laws of Verse: The Poetry of Alice Meynell and Its Literary Contexts, 1875-1923

Elsie Michie

Corrie Kiesel 2013


Southeastern LA

Postdoctoral Fellow


Blame: Marriage, Folklore, and the Victorian Novel

Elsie Miche

Cara Jones




Towson University


Hamilton U

Instructor of Women's Studies


Visiting Assistant Professor

From Wandering Wombs to Female Troubles: Endometriosis Self-Help Literature and Memoir from the Intersections of Queer and Disability Theories 

Michelle Massé

Laura Jones 2013 Montclair University Assistant Professor

Minding the Gap: A Rhetorical History of the Achievement Gap

Susan Weinstein

Laura Helen Marks





Post-degree Instructor, English

Post-Doc (5 years)

Erotic Transgressions: Pornographic Uses of the Victorian

Michelle Massé and Patrick McGee

Conor Picken 2013 Brown Leadership Community, Bellarmine University Instructor

Friends of Bill F.: Alcohol, Recovery, and Social Progress in Southern Fiction

Brannon Costello

Tomohiro Hori 2011 Hirosaki University, Hirosaki Japan Assistant Professor

Contingent Constellations: Frederick Douglass and the Fact of Freedom

John Lowe


Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Charles M. Frye,  2012 Alabama School of Math and Science Faculty, English

Country of Illusion: Imagined Geographies and Transnational Connections in F. Scott Fitzgerald's America

J. Gerald Kennedy

Cherry Levin 2012    

Wedding Belles and Enslaved Brides: Louisiana Plantation Weddings in Fact, Fiction and Folklore

John Lowe

Brigitte McCray 2013 Kansas Wesleyan University Assistant Professor

Queer Utopian Geographies and Cold War Poetry

Joseph Kronick

Kristopher Mecholsky





Post-degree Instructor, English

Residential Life

Adaptation as Anarchist: A Complexity Method for Ideology-Critique of American Crime Narratives

Carl Freedman




Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
James Ayers 2011 Baton Rouge Community College Adjunct Faculty

"The Colossal Vitality of His Illusion": The Myth of the American Dream in the Modern American Novel

Bainard Cowan

Patrick Bonds 2011 Troy University, Pensacola, FL Lecturer

Transatlantic Baggage: Expatriate Paris, Modernism, and the Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway

J. Gerald Kennedy

Rich Cooper 2011 Texas A & M Lecturer

Radical Realms: A Materialist Theory of Fantasy Literature

Carl Freedman

Ashli Dykes      

Situation Comedies and the Single Woman on Television

Robin Roberts

Sukanya Gupta 2011 University of Southern Indiana, Evansville Assistant Professor

Constructing Hindu Religioscapes: Guruism and Identity in South Asian Diasporic Fiction

Pallavi Rastogi

Jerod Hollyfield 2012 University of Western Kentucky Assistant Professor

Framing Empire: Victorian Literature, Hollywood International, and Postcolonial Film Adaptation

Pallavi Rastogi

2011 LSU Post-degree Instructor, English
Tomohiro Hori 2011 Hirosaki University, Hirosaki, Japan Assistant Professor

Contingent Constellations: Frederick Douglass and the Fact of Freedom

John Lowe

James Long 2011 LSU Post-degree Instructor, English

Revolutionary Republics: U.S. National Narratives and the Independence of Latin America, 1810-1846

J. Gerald Kennedy

Kristi Richard Melancon 2011 Mississippi College, Jackson Assistant Professor

An African American Discourse Community in Black & White: The New Orleans Tribune

Susan Weinstein

David Shane Wallace 2011 American University, Bulgaria Assistant Professor, Writing and Literature

From Native to Nation: Copway's American Indian Newspaper and Formation of American Nationalism

J. Gerald Kennedy

Jennifer Ellis West      

Birth Matters: Discourses of Childbirth in Contemporary American Culture

Susan Weinstein



Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Suparno Banerjee 2010 Texas State University, San Marcos Assistant Professor, World Literature

Other Tomorrows: Postcoloniality, Science Fiction, and India

Pallavi Rastogi

Jason Dupuy 2010 LSU Post-degree Instructor, English

Paths of Most Resistance: Navigating The Culture Industry in William Faulkner, Richard Wright, Delmore Schwartz, and Eudora Welty

Richard Moreland

Casey Kayser 2012 University of Arkansas Visiting Assistant Professor

Writing about the South “In Her Own Way”: Gender and Region in the Work of Southern Women Playwrights

William Demastes & Dr. Richard Moreland

2010 Burlington College, VT Community Faculty
Susie Kuilan 2010 Northwestern State University of Louisiana Instructor

Early American Self-Reflexive Writing: Revising the Tradition

Richard Moreland

Dan Mangiavaellano 2010 Tulane University, New Orleans, LA Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow

Invisible Links, Abject Chains: Habit in Nineteenth-Century British Literature

Elsie Michie

Jane Pulliam 2010 LSU Instructor

Monstrous Bodies: Femininity and Agency in Young Adult Horror Fiction

Robin Roberts

Jessica Weber 2010 Cascadia Community College, Bothel, WA Assistant Professor

Ephemeral Media, Persistent Action: Public Pedagogies of Collective Resistance

 Susan Weinstein


Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Elizabeth Beard 2009 LSU-Alexandria Assistant Professor

The Virgin's Daughters: Catholic Traditions and the Post-Colonial South in Contemporary Women's Writing

Katherine Henninger

Joseph Brown 2010 Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA Assistant Professor

Children of Men: The American Jeremiad in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Science Fiction and Film

Carl Freedman

2009 GIVE Center West, Atlanta, GA Teacher
Alison Graham-Bertolin 2013 North Dakota State University Faculty

Home of the Brave: Vigilante Women in Contemporary American Fiction

John Lowe

2011 Tulane, New Orleans, LA Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow
Thomas Halloran 2009 École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France Two-year Faculty Appointment

Strangers in the Postcolonial World

Pallavi Rastogi

Matthew Landers 2009 University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez Assistant Professor

The Anatomy of Anatomia: Dissection and the Organization of Knowledge in British Literature, 1500-1800

Kevin L. Cope

Lisa Moody 2011 Southeastern Louisiana University Instructor

Religion and Realism in Late Nineteenth-Century American Literature

J. Gerald Kennedy

2010 LSU Post-degree Instructor, English
Tanja Stampfl 2009 University of the Incarnate Word, San Antonio Assistant Professor

(Im)Possible Encounters, Possible (Mis)Understandings between the West and its Other: The Case of The Maghreb

Mustapha Marrouchi


Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Plamen Arnaudov 2008 Technology Leaders Web Analytics Consultant

Elements of Mythmaking in Witness Accounts of Colonial Piracy

Keith Sandiford

Courtney George 2008 Columbus State University, GA Interim Director,
Carson McCullers Center for Writers and Musicians

"I Will Learn You Something if You Listen to This Song": Southern Women Writers' Representations of Music in Fiction

Katherine Henninger

Anthony Hoefer 2010 George Mason University, Virginia Director of the University Scholars Program

Apocalypse South: Judgment, Cataclysm, and Resistance in the Regional Imaginary

John Lowe

2008 Georgia Institute of Technology Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship, Academic Programs
Erica Locklear 2008 University of North Carolina, Asheville Assistant Professor

The Perils and Empowerments of Mountain Literacies: Reading Loss and Shifting Identities in Appalachian Memoirs and Novels

Katherine Henninger

Rasheedah Jenkins 2008 LSU Adjunct Professor of African and African-American Studies

The Songs of Black (Women) Folk: Music, Politics, and Everyday Living

Angeletta Gourdine

Sean Flory 2008 Jamestown College Assistant Professor

How to Remember Thee?: Problems of Memorialization in English Writing, 1558-1625

Anna Nardo


Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Brent Barnard 2007 Eastfield College, Dallas, TX Academic Advisor

The Symbolism of Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie: An Inductive Approach

John May

Lisa Costello 2007 Georgia Southern University Assistant Professor

Who Speaks and Who Listens? Genre, Gender, and Memory in Holocaust Discourses

Katrina Powell &  Carl Freedman

Jennifer Farrell 2008 Milwaukee School of Engineering Assistant Professor

Synaptic Boojums: Lewis Carroll, Linguistic Nonsense, and Cyberpunk

Carl Freedman

Jessica McKelvie 2007 Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation Director of Communications

Soliciting Desire: The Ad-Man as Narrative Negotiation Between Art, Desire and Consumer Capitalism in Twentieth-Century Novels

Michelle Masse & Patrick McGee

Denise Millstein 2009 Stephen F. Austin State University Assistant Professor

Byron and "Scribbling Women": Lady Caroline Lamb, the Bronte Sisters, and George Eliot

Elsie Michie

2006 University of Alabama Instructor and Assistant Director of Composition
Mary T. Pyron 2007 Morton Ranch, Katy, Texas High School English Teacher

"I hear you, but I don't understand you": The Effects of Peer Tutoring for Helping Secondary ESL Students Achieve Academic Success

Sarah Liggett


Name Year of Placement Place of Appointment Position Type Dissertation Title and Director
Charles Bane 2006 University of Central Arkansas Assistant Professor, Director of English Education Program

Viewing Novels, Reading Films: Stanley Kubrick and the Art of Adaptation as Interpretation

John May

Tameka Cage 2006 Bucknell University Visiting Assistant Professor

Painful Discourses: Borders, Regions, and Representations of Female Circumcision from Africa to America

John Lowe

Joseph Letter 2006 Tulane University Senior Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow,  Assistant Director of Writing

Reinscribing the Revolution: Genre and the Problem of National History in Early American Historical Novels

J. Gerald Kennedy

Brett A. Riley 2006 University of Alabama Instructor

Separation Anxieties: Representations of Separatist Communities in Late Twentieth Century Fiction and Film

Rick Moreland

Kris Ross 2009 Troy University –Dothan Assistant Professor

Using the Rod: Education, Punishment, and the New Woman in Fin-de-Siècle British Literature

Elsie Michie

2006 Baton Rouge Community College
Terri Ruckel 2006 University of Mississippi Visiting Assistant Professor

The Scent of a "New World" Novel: Translating the Olfactory Language of Faulkner and Garcia Marquez

Bainard Cowan

Kalene Westmoreland 2006 University of Alabama Instructor

Interior Revolutions: Doing Domesticity, Advocating Feminism in Contemporary American Fiction

Rick Moreland

Scott Whiddon 2006 Transylvania University, Lexington, KY Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Writing Center

“To Live Outside the Law, You Must Be Honest": Words, Walls, and the Rhetorical Practices of The Angolite

Katrina Powell



Graduates 2000-2005 have found positions at Austin Community College, Baton Rouge Community College, Campbell University, Delta State University, Drake University, East Tennessee State University, Florida State College, Gainesville State College, Gordon College, Jackson State University, Kennesaw State University, Kent State University-Stark, Loyola University (New Orleans), LSU, Macon State College, Mississippi College, New Mexico Jr. College, River Parishes Community College, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of World Literature (Moscow), Ryerson University (Toronto), Southern University, St. Mary’s Seminary and University (Baltimore), Stephen F. Austin State University, Tallahassee Community College, University of New Orleans, University of North Carolina-Pembroke, University of Southern Maine, University of Tennessee-Memphis, University of Texas-Permian Basin, University of Washington-Seattle, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Westminster College, and Xavier University (New Orleans), among others.

Thanks go to graduates and professors for reporting and updating job placement information.