AAAS Frequently Asked Questions | LSU African & African American Studies

AAAS Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose AAAS?
Students should choose AAAS because it provides a curriculum through which students may enhance their education in the history and culture of African people within the African Diaspora.

What Should I Study?
Since AAAS is interdisciplinary, students can tailor their program of study to reflect their own interests. The program provides a context for intellectual thought processes, which can be invaluable both for graduate study and the job market.

What Can You Do With A AAAS Education? 
You can become a teacher/professor, historian, researcher, writer, lawyer, doctor, diplomat, journalist, politician, filmmaker, etc.

Who are AAAS’ faculty?  
AAAS’ faculty come from diverse disciplines such as: Anthropology, English (covering Caribbean and post-colonial studies and art and literature), History, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, Education, Folklore, and Ethnomusicology.