Unemployment Insurance related to COVID-19

The state of Louisiana has implemented new measures concerning the special circumstance of COVID-19 as it relates to unemployment insurance. If your hours have been reduced due to COVID-19 or you are unable to work remotely due to the nature of your position, you MAY be eligible for unemployment insurance.  Transient, WAEs, and student workers or other staff who are otherwise not eligible for leave are eligible to apply for unemployment insurance.  Please note these considerations do not apply to employees who are working remotely, on paid leave, or continuing to be paid for a full 8-hour work day. 

Please review the below website for information concerning the special circumstance of COVID-19 for which employees may apply for unemployment insurance. This may not provide immediate relief due to the number of applications, however we suggest that any and all affected workers begin this process immediately as the sooner their applications are in, the sooner they may begin to receive some benefits. The link to Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) response is below.


In order to file a claim, please visit www.louisianaworks.net/hire or by calling the LWC Claim Center at 866-783-5567.  

If student workers receive a document from the state of Louisiana titled “Application for Approved Training,” please send them to the Registrar’s Office for completion. Students may email them directly to registrar@lsu.edu.

To report a fraudulent unemployment claim, visit LWC to complete the Unemployment Insurance Individual Report Suspected Fraud Form.