Policies & Procedures

Below are the Policies and Procedures most commonly used in Human Resource Management. 

Staff Handbook  

Faculty Handbook

Relocation Incentive Policy

Stop the Tenure Clock Procedures

Promotion and Tenure Dates Memo

Sabbatical Leave Dates Memo

Critical Academic Personnel Action Due Dates

University Guidelines for Hiring Re-Employed Retirees

FASOP: AS-24 Mobile Device Policy

Property Transfer Disclosure Procedures


Permanent Memorandums*

PM-5 Holiday Schedule

PM-11 Outside Employment of University Employees  

PM-23 Ranks, Provisions, and Governing Appointments & Promotions of the Academic Staff

PM-26 System Policy on International Employees and Visitors  

PM-35 Implementation Procedure for Review of Faculty Ranks

PM-73 Title IX and Sexual Misconduct


Policy Statements**

PS-1 Equal Opportunity Policy

PS-3 Teaching Assignment for Non-Faculty Personnel

PS-7 Academic Honorifics

PS-8 Employee Discipline Procedures

PS-12 Leave Guidelines (Includes Annual, Sick, Compensatory, FMLA, Leave Without Pay and Crisis Leave)

PS-20 Title Salary Administration

PS-25 Nepotism

PS-26 Policy for Persons with Disabilities

PS-28 Employment and Payment of Contingent Employees

PS-30 Student Privacy Rights

PS-35 Performance Evaluations (Professional)

PS-36-NT Initial Appointments, Reappointments, Annual Reviews, and Promotions For Faculty Other Than Tenure-Track and Tenured

PS-36-T Tenure-Track and Tenured Faculty: Appointments, Reappointments, Promotions, Tenure, Annual Reviews, and Enhancement of Job Performance

Counting Service Toward Tenure (Stopping the Tenure Clock)

PS-40 Employee Records Confidentiality

PS-43 Additional Compensation Limits

PS-55 Rights and Privileges of Retirees

PS-59 Employee Assistance Program

PS-61  Overtime

PS-67 Misuse of Drugs or Alcohol

PS-73 Sexual Harassment

PS-79 Flexible Work Hours and Staffing

PS-80 Grievance Procedures for Professional, Other Academic, and Classified Employees

PS-81 Certification of Proficiency in Spoken English for Faculty/Teaching Assistants

PS-96 Possession of Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons by LSU Employees within it's Facilities and Premises

PS-102 Violence Free Workplace

PS-104 Dismissal for Cause for Faculty 

PS-107 Computer User's Responsibilities

PS-109 Campus Implementation Procedures

PS-118 Tobacco-Free Campus



LSU Bylaws and Regulations

*Complete list of Permanent Memorandums

**Complete list of Policy Statements