Mandatory Employee Training

Welcome to LSU! Please note that all new employees are required to complete the following mandatory training e-courses. Course descriptions and instructions for registration are outlined below. The three courses are:

  • Securing the Human
  • The Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics
  • Preventing Sexual Misconduct:  Commitment to Community

Securing the Human, by LSU Information Technology Services

*Required upon employment only.

Today's technology has advanced our lives and work environments with instant communication and access to information. However these conveniences also introduce new risks and threats. It has become much simpler to carry out cyber- attacks to steal information, take control of systems, and more. LSU is committed to educating and protecting its community against these malicious threats. Securing the Human is a short course designed to cover basic computer security topics and provide additional resources to improve your security posture, both at home and on campus.

Enroll in the course. As you watch the videos, the rest of the videos will become available for viewing. After viewing all of the videos, a short quiz will test the knowledge you gained from the course. The course should take about 30 minutes to complete. For questions about this course, please email

The Louisiana Code of Governmental Ethics, Louisiana Board of Ethics

*Required annually (every calendar year). Deadline is December 31.

In response to Louisiana Revised Statute 42:1170, all public employees are also required to complete one hour of training on the Code of Governmental Ethics each calendar year.  Upon completion, the employee will be provided with a certificate that documents the completion of the course.

According to the statute, failure to comply with the requirements of training constitutes a violation of the Ethics Code. Any public employee who is found to have violated any provision of any law within the jurisdiction of the Ethics Board can be removed, suspended, or ordered to have a reduction in pay or demotion by the Ethics Board. The board can also impose a fine of not more than ten thousand dollars, or both. Questions about this course can be sent to


Preventing Sexual Misconduct Training for Employees

*Required annually (every calendar year). Deadline is December 31.

LSU’s mandatory Sexual Harassment and Title IX training courses have been combined into one new course, Preventing Sexual Misconduct Training for Employees. This new course satisfies the training requirements outlined in both the 2012 Louisiana Senate Concurrent Resolution 107, which requires one hour of sexual harassment training, and in Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, which requires training on sexual misconduct prevention. In the course, you will learn about your role in preventing sexual assault and sexual harassment on college campuses. 

LSU requires that each employee complete the Preventing Sexual Misconduct training by December 31, 2015 and each calendar year thereafter. Every classified employee, professional/unclassified employee, faculty, other academic employee, contingent/transient, graduate and teaching assistant and student worker must complete the new training course. 

Complete this important requirement. Click Yes to self-enroll in this Community Moodle course. Once enrolled, click on the link that says Preventing Sexual Misconduct Training for LSU Employees. Then, click Enter. After completing the e-course, you will be able to print out a certificate of completion for your records. Please save a copy for your personal records, as well as forward a copy to your department's HR Contact for reporting and compliance. However, it is your responsibility to keep track of your individual certificate. For any questions about this training, please contact