Process Used When Entering Continuous FMLA

Once your Certification of Physician or Practitioner form (aka FMLA1 form) has been received and uploaded to a confidential location in Workday, you will be notified timely by way of email regarding the approval or denial of your request. If approved, please note the following steps. For continuous absences, complete the Place Worker on Leave action in Workday:

1. Go to Actions→ Time and Leave→ Place Worker on Leave

2. Select Leave Type: FMLA>Qualifying Health Condition> Self or Select Leave Type: FMLA>Qualifying Health Condition> Family

NOTE: DO NOT enter Leave Entitlement Override
cont entering

3. Even though you are taking a continuous absence, you must also enter Time Off by selecting the leave type (annual, sick, or LWOP) that coincides with the continuous absence leave you are requesting.  A calendar will appear to select the dates of continuous leave. 

cont entering 2

cont editing 4. In the comment section of the leave type, write FMLA.

5. Go to Actions→Select: Time and Leave→ Select: Enter Time Off (a calendar will appear).

6. Select the days off on the calendar for FMLA continuous leave.

7.Finally, you will see the following screen:

cont editing8. Select the leave type that you are selecting→Enter the Daily Quantity (of leave that you are taking)

NOTE:  If you select more leave than you have available in the leave balance, you will receive an error. 

9. In the Comments, you must type “FMLA”

10. Click on the Green Submit Tab at the bottom of the page


Once the employee has exhausted their FMLA entitlement for the year and still has not returned to work, you MUST return the employee from leave AND use another form of leave. If the employee is currently grant funded, the supervisor must contact Sponsored Programs Accounting.