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Employee Resources

The Office of Human Resource Management is dedicated to serving our customers with excellence by providing the guidance, support and resources that are needed to recruit and retain the highly qualified and diverse employees of LSU. 

Promotion & Tenure

Each fall and spring, HRM oversees the promotion & tenure review process. The Promotion & Tenure page provides faculty, departments and colleges detailed information on the promotion/tenure process.


Each fall and spring, HRM processes sabbatical leave requests. The Sabbatical page provides faculty, department and colleges detailed information on the sabbatical request process.

Employee Relations

The Employee Relations section of Human Resource Management is dedicated to the enhancement of a quality working environment for employees of LSU by encouraging positive communication between employees and managers. We provide avenues to conflict resolution and other alternatives in accordance with LSU Policy Statements and State and Federal laws, which include the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, and Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, our Employee Assistance Program, or EAP, and disciplinary and grievance procedures. 

Training and Development

Training and Development is committed to providing professional development, consulting and assessment services to support continual improvement of effectiveness, both for the individual employee and the organization, in alignment with the university’s strategic objectives. Training and Development administers LEAD...Emerge, LSU’s leadership development program for new supervisors, candidates for promotion to a supervisory position and current supervisors desiring professional and personal development.   

Employee Wellness

Employee Health and Wellness is a vital part of the success of each employee, both professionally and personally. Healthy employees are happy employees. Employee wellness is important as it plays a vital role in the workplace. The University offers a number of programs to help employees health and wellness.

LSU Employee Perk and Discounts

Under the direction of the Division of Finance & Administrative Services, the Office of Human Resource Management sponsors LSU Perks, programs and services available to LSU employees in one convenient location. Services are available through campus departments and campus vendors. Additionally, the program provides discounted items offered to LSU employees for entertainment, travel, employee wellness, personal finance and teaching/research aids.

LSU Pregnancy and Parenting 

At LSU, we offer a pregnancy and parenting program. Our office provides employees with the resources needed as a parent. Please see below and should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our office at hr@lsu.edu.