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2018 Summary of Benefits
2017 Summary of Benefits

Vantage Medical Home HMO is a patient-centered approach to providing cost-effective and comprehensive primary health care for children, youth and adults. This plan creates partnerships between the individual patient and his or her personal physician and, when appropriate, the patient’s family. This plan includes a preferred provider network, Affinity Health Network (AHN), which has lower co-payments for certain covered services as indicated by “AHN.” This plan also includes Out-of-Network coverage.



At times you may have to pay out of pocket for medical services or for prescriptions, particularly if you have received services from a non-network provider. In the event that you do pay out of pocket for services, you can be reimbursed for these services. You will need to complete and submit a claim form and a copy of the invoice to the appropriate carrier. You may submit a claim form (see below) along with a copy of the invoice to your health insurance carrier. Vantage will then reimburse you according to the plan's guidelines.