Time Tracking during the Holiday Break

Please note that timely action from Timekeepers is required to ensure accurate pay for classified employees during the Holiday season!

Classified Employees with a work schedule that is greater than 50% effort will have the holiday schedule pre-populated on their time entry calendar but action is needed to ensure pay is generated during the Holiday season. While the LSU holiday calendar is programmatically included in the Workday time entry calendar for employees who are greater than 50% effort, hours will not appear in the totals until there is an entry to the calendar for the week. Once any other time block is entered for the week, the holiday totals will update. Please take extra time to review the time entries for the weeks of 12/18, 12/24 and 12/31 and use the time keeping reports to monitor all entries. Also, Workday is configured to default to 8 hours per day for holidays, so adjustments are needed for employees that work less or more than 8 hours per day.

Action is needed in the following situations for Classified Employees:

  • If the employee’s  normal work schedule is greater than, or less than, 8 hours per day:  the time keeper will need to use the Holiday Adjustment to change the hours to match the normal work schedule.
  • If no changes are required and the employee should be paid 8 hours per day: please use the Holiday Trigger time entry code for the week of 12/24/2016. The employee, manager or time keeper will enter .01 hours in the unit field. Once this step is complete, the totals will update to include the 8 hours per day for holiday pay.
  • Classified Employees who are less than 50% effort:  Employees who are less than 50% effort will not see the holidays populated on the time entry calendar. The time keeper will use the Holiday Adjustment to enter the correct number of hours the employee should be paid. Example: if an employee’s regularly scheduled hours are 20 hours per week Monday through Friday, the time keeper will enter 4 hours per day using the Holiday Adjustment for the period of 12/26 through 12/30.


Please note that a time off request initiated through the Time Off calendar (the suitcase worklet) will not trigger the holiday hours to populate on the Time Entry Calendar. To identify employees who requested leave through the Time Off Calendar who need the Holiday trigger loaded, there is a report being created called, Time Holiday Hours 0(zero) and Time Off GT 0 (Greater Than Zero). This report is being produced and it will be available before the Holiday break. This will be helpful report to pull during the weeks of 12/18, 12/24 and 12/31 to ensure every classified employee’s time is loaded correctly during the Holiday period.

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