Termination of Employment

“Just cause” for dismissal from  the University may include, but is not limited to, conduct seriously prejudicial to the University, insubordination, theft, neglect of duty, illegal  use of drugs or alcohol, inefficiency, incompetence,  unsafe action, property damage or misuse, falsifying records, or concealing improper actions. The University is required to terminate the employment of a convicted felon, in accordance with state law (Louisiana Revised Statutes 42:1414). Terminations may not be grieved under PS-80, Grievance Procedures.

Termination of an Other Academic Employee

For other academic employees, the University’s obligation extends through the period specified on the most recent appointment papers. Other academic employees are entitled to 90 days’ notice prior to termination. Termination prior to the expiration of such an appointment may be made without the prescribed notice for just cause or due to declared financial exigency. Additionally, the appointment of an other academic employee may be terminated prior to expiration if the position is funded by grants and those grants are terminated by the funding agency. However, in this case, the employee is entitled to 90 days’ notice.

Termination of a Professional Employee

Professional employees hold their position at the pleasure of the Board of Supervisors (unless subject to an employment contract with different provisions).Services may be terminated by reasonable written notice from the appropriate administrative officer. “Reasonable notice” must be equivalent in days to the usual payroll period.

Termination of a Classified Employee

The first 12 months of service with the University constitute a probationary period to be used as an adjustment period for new employees. During this probationary period, employees may be terminated if the performance does not meet the required standard of work, provided notice of this termination is furnished to the employee in writing and is sent to the director of the Department of Civil Service. Termination during the probationary period may not be appealed to Civil Service unless the employee allege discrimination.

Permanent classified employees may be terminated if his/her conduct is found to impair public service. The intent to terminate requires written notice. If an employee receive such notice, he/she will  be given an opportunity to respond prior to final determination. Such termination requires approval of the appointing authority and may be appealed to the Department of Civil Service within 30 days. A copy of the civil service appeal procedure may be obtained from the Office of Human Resource Management.

Unemployment Insurance

All University employees are covered by the Louisiana Employment Security Law. Should an employee lose their job, the Louisiana Employment Security Law entitles the impacted employee to receive unemployment compensation benefits, provided the monetary requirements established by the Employment Security Law are satisfied. For more information contact the Office of Human Resource Management at 225-578-8200. 

Retirement Eligibility

Rights & Privileges of Retirees

PS-55, Revision: PS0055.R01, Effective: October 9, 2000