New Employees

Welcome New Faculty & Staff! We hope you are excited about beginning your career with LSU. Whether you've just started your career, are new to academia or are a seasoned professional, we hope your experience will be a rewarding and challenging one.

Hopefully, you will have a smooth transition into your new position at LSU. The following information is provided to help you get acquainted with the university and become comfortable in your new role. 

Please take time to review the next few pages that will guide you in completing the many tasks that should be accomplished within the first few weeks of employment.   

First Days at LSU  


  • Become acquainted with your office; take a tour of the building, locate restrooms, meet the department staff and your HR Contact.
  • Receive and review office policies, office hours, organizational chart and department phone list.
  • Set up office phone and voicemail. Receive long distance code and copier code, if applicable.
  • Receive building and/or office keys and codes, if applicable.
  • Set up email.
  • Apply for LaCarte card and register for LaCarte training, if applicable.
  • Complete Authorization and Driver’s History Form and register for the Driver’s Training Course, if applicable.