Persons with Disabilities

    Policy for Persons with Disabilities

    PS-26, Revision: PS0026.R03, Effective: October 3, 2008

    Excerpt from PS-26:

    Employees and Applicants for Employment

    The University is prohibited from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities because of the disability in hiring, advancement, discharge, compensation, training and other terms and conditions of employment (such as pre-employment testing and selection procedures). Employers are obligated to provide reasonable accommodations to applicants or employees with a disability, upon request, unless the accommodation would present an undue hardship. The determination of whether a reasonable accommodation is an undue hardship is a decision which grows out of the ADA Accommodation Assessment process and is made jointly by the Office of Human Resource Management, the Office of Facility Development, the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative Services, the affected department and/or the affected employee or applicant.

    In all cases in which a reasonable accommodation is requested, the University representative receiving the request is required to contact the Office of Human Resource Management for assistance in handling the request.

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